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Placenta - 66%

gasmask_colostomy, June 13th, 2018

I really enjoyed Toxic Holocaust's An Overdose of Death and this single was ripped warm from the album, though I'm not convinced that it's the best cut that could have been chosen. Recorded back when Joel Grind was still the only member, 'Gravelord' is a mildly punky speed thrasher that does its best to pile through the best of the band's style in as little time as possible and indeed manages to fit in a savage main riff that the bass backs strongly, as well as double-time d-beat drumming, which is probably the claim to fame for the Toxic Holocaust name. The chorus is nothing special, but the bridge riff is a spectacular combination of crossover thrash songwriting, groovy, crunchy guitar playing, and Grind giving his all on the mic.

The other two songs presented here are titbits at best and mere scraps at worst, dishing up a re-recorded version of '666' from the debut album Evil Never Dies, which also appeared on the Japanese edition of An Overdose of Death. Granted, it's a tighter rendition than the original, but there isn't much changed except for a shorter running time and less noise from the guitars, while I feel like the solo sounds more classic metal here. 'Suicide Eye' is another tiny song that doesn't even brush the scrotum of most fully grown numbers, though the style is quite different. I would compare it to Venom playing an AC/DC song, which (for me, anyway) is an improvement on AC/DC playing their own music though is not worth much except for a decent bridge that lasts around five seconds.

This probably shouldn't be considered as an EP to promote the album from which the main track was culled, but a sort of placenta offered up to fans after the event, on whom the leftovers from the same session could be fobbed off. If you part with money for this, you're pretty crazy, but the music itself is worth a listen if you're hungry for more Holocaust. I'd give it 66.6% if I could.

-- May Diamhea's feat of 100 songs in 7 days remain unbeaten --