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Toxic Holocaust "An Overdose of Death..." - 0%

danbedrosian, April 11th, 2011

Toxic Holocaust is often highly regarded for their thrashy sound. I only heard about this band because my brother was in Best Buy checking out what small collection of thrash albums they had and some guy approached him and said "If you like 80s thrash metal then you'll like Toxic Holocaust". Well, that was a rather bold statement of this stranger.

At first I liked what I heard, so I downloaded the album. I listened to it maybe three times. I eventually deleted it and replaced it. Why? It sucked. I thought it was pretty good at first but then I decided to listen to some good modern thrash metal.

This album lacked in just about everything. The vocals mainly are the worst part. Anyone can do these vocals. I did them once... on accident because no one would have full intention to mimic the bad singing on this album. It's bland and not in any way challenging or unique. It's more of breathing out unlike with death metal or classic thrash metal bands where there's skill used. I suppose black metal vocals are trying to be pulled off here but only some singers can do it and they don't do it this way by breathing like they ran five miles without a break. The breaths are short and distorted and sound unpleasant to sum up how they are equivalent to that of a five mile run.

The guitar is very repetitive and shows no sign of change on any song. The songs are just generic, low-grade thrash playing. They excel no were and do little to impress. The guitarists are easily outplayed by almost any other guitarist. A little variety would've been nice but palm muting power chords is probably the extent of their ability. I honestly couldn't tell you if there is a single guitar solo on this album as all the songs simply mesh together and become a big blur of noise. To seem cool they basically muted the bass.

The drums are just... plain. Nothing special here and the drums are just there. It doesn't try to do anything notable and worth mentioning besides being mentioned as not mentionable, if you follow that. I guess the drums are pulling a Metallica thing where the drumming matches the guitar work but that's even difficult to say whole-heartedly as the drums seem present and thats about it.

Production quality is questionable. In this day and age where existing gets you clear production quality why would this band not use it? Trying to sound "raw" just doesn't cut it as an answer. It doesn't work and if they really wanted to sound "raw", which has no real meaning in music, they should've been born in the 60s or just done black metal just not under the name Toxic Holocaust because no black metal scene would take interest in a band with that name.

Toxic Holocaust's sound and album "An Overdose of Death..." is just shit, plain and simple sort of like their music. Their attempt at a black metal influenced modern thrash metal sound just doesn't work out. Maybe another band could pull it off as long as their name isn't Toxic Holocaust. If you are interested in modern thrash metal then you should check out bands like Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Evile, or Municipal Waste; I'm not to fond of any of those bands either but they sure beat Toxic Holocaust.