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Quite charming - 65%

Seducerofsouls85, June 4th, 2011

Toxic Holocaust have been playing thrash near on a decade, long before a resurgance in the genre's popularity was even hinted. It saddens me that Joel Grind might be hastily dashed as a poser retro-thrasher, just because every other band have a dead horse to kick. Sure this material is not at all ground breakingly original, but I can bet all the money I own you wont be hard pushed to find worse. Some pioneering influences are to be found here: Venom, Bathory and Celtic Frost. Of course if you're going to play thrash why not sound like the bands mentioned? They were the genre's pioneers their side of "Reign In Blood". If familiar sounds sicken you too much, then you probably stopped listening to thrash long ago. But I can bare this, and I've heard it all. It's familiar but far from predictable.

"War is hell" is my favourite track. The riffs, the dirty vocals the lot. "War is fucking hell!" man that line is delivered so whole-heartedly I felt like I was back in the 80's, long before it was considered cool to have a disciplined delivery equivilant of a cyborg. "The lord of the wasteland" is obviously my next favourite track. That opening riff is so Venom. If I hadn't heard this song, and you told me it was some rare Venom song, you would have me believe you...well for the first ten seconds or so. Some tracks lack in memorability and merge into one another. When I was listening to "Death from above" I thought the cd was still on "Feedback blood and distortion." All in all it's a cracker, good exciting bits to be found here and there. Nice riffs and nice oldschool guitar tone. As much as it is good to listen to, it does wear off after a few hours. It would be the original material such as Venom or Bathory, that would go down with the ship, not this.