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Decent album could have been much better - 72%

Metalwontdie, June 25th, 2009

Quite a bit weaker than Tourniquet’s previous album Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm, it is a little thrasher, though the overall tempo is slower. The songs are averagely a little longer and somewhat less melodic but still a great album. Like Tourniquets previous release Microscopic for short, Where Moth and Rust Destroy is mainly a more extreme form of progressive metal with thrash parts and a bit of more traditional metal hear and there. Where Moth fails is that it isn’t nearly as entertaining, it has more filler, and lost that technical aspect that Microscopic had. If Tourniquet styled this album more on the lines of Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm and added more of their thrash metal past into this album it could have been great.

Where Moth and Rust Destroy while not being a bad album is only solid and certainly nothing special though it’s pretty unique sounding. Best songs are Where Moth and Rust Destroy, Drawn and Quartered, Architeuthis, and Healing Waters of the Tigris other great songs are, and the Doom Metal song In Death We Rise which even though it might seem like a Instrumental at first listen if you own the actual Album and you look in the booklet it has lyrics you just have to listen very carefully to hear the words. I recommend this to fans of Tourniquet and progressive metal only.

-8 points technical edge wasn’t present like on earlier works
-10 points gets boring in parts throughout the album
-10 has a lot more filler than on Microscopic