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A(nother) Thrash Gem! - 90%

dapik, June 20th, 2011

After listening to this album, I was genuinely surprised to come onto Metallum and find it only had a rating of 84%. In my opinion this gem deserves at least a 90! Compared to the vast majority of thrash albums coming out at this time, and even now, Psycho Surgery is several times more original, catchy, sophisticated and just overall enjoyable. Tourniquet have well and truly and expertly overcome one of the greatest challenges of writing a thrash album; making every song unique and different from the others. And, on top of this, they’ve managed to make at least 5 truly classic standalone songs.

It kicks off with the title track, one of the highlights of the album, and a really energetic thrasher with a killer verse riff. Next is my favourite song of the album, A Dog’s Breakfast. This is truly an epic, combining slow crushing riffs at the start (reminiscent of Metallica’s Disposable Heroes) with a fast thrashy and sophisticated chord progression in the verse. The solos in this song are top shelf too, and the classic Tourniquet style, violent barking of lyrics really compliments the riffs wonderfully. Another highlight on the album is Viento Borrascoso (Devastating Wind), which beautifully fuses flamenco guitar with thrash metal and displays some more expert shredding and drumming. Spineless also kicks off with a monster of a riff, truly top shelf, but then goes into a rapped verse which really kills the mood, but the song still manages to be a standout because of the magnificent riffing throughout. However, I'll have to remove 1% from my rating for a very bad decision to put DJ scratching noises in a metal song.

This is truly an underrated thrash classic, and a must have for any thrash fan. Get it at any cost!