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Solid release, more mature songwriting - 82%

Metalwontdie, June 26th, 2009

Psycho Surgery sounds like a completely new band released other than Tourniquet it is more technical, has a slower overall tempo, and adopts a weird usage of medical terms in the lyrics and song titles (mainly because Ted Kirkpatrick used to work in a pharmacy). Guy Ritter’s vocals while still having that King Diamond touch to it hear and there has really come into his own on this record, and has even more variation than on tourniquet’s debut. The band is now a full five member band so the songs themselves have increased in complexity and you can even hear some of the more progressive styled song structures that would come fully into being on Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance.

The major problem with this album is that the songs themselves while being well thought out, and well written are just not nearly as entertaining as on Tourniquet’s debut, and some filler is present. Another really annoying weakness is the experiment with rap metal on Spineless which really ruin’s an otherwise pretty good song. The band is very solid and besides the aforementioned weaknesses it’s still a great album with many good parts. The album sound itself is very original and I can say with confidence that I have never heard a thrash metal album quite like this they even experiment with doom metal on here with the album closer Officium Defunctorum.

Psycho Surgery while not being an excellent album like Stop the Bleeding is still of high quality and worth the time it should grow on you. The best songs are Psycho Surgery, A Dog’s Breakfast, Dysfunctional Domicile, and Stereotaxic Atrocities. I recommend Psycho Surgery to open minded fans of thrash mainly fans of progressive/technical thrash, Christian thrash and of course fans of Tourniquet.

-5 points for rap metal on Spineless
-13 points for weaker entertainment value and some filler