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Divine mental biopsy, reveals YOU NEED PSYCHO SURGERY - 90%

LarsA81, January 29th, 2019

Tourniquet stormed the Christian metal scene in 1990, but also caught the attention of Metal Blade Records, who released this album and the following. However, thrash was on its way to a halt in the early 90’s, and if only TQT had released this minor masterpiece 5 years earlier, they might have gotten the attention they deserved. But in 1991, Tourniquet was pretty much the uncrowned kings of Christian metal.

This is a rather big step forward from the King Diamond-inspired speed metal of their debut album Stop the Bleeding. Or maybe not step, but the plural of it, as TQT heads in many different directions on their second release.

The opening track "Psycho Surgery" shows a much more technical side of the band. The riffs are fast, techy and thrashy. Vocals are delivered by Gary Lenaire and are super fast, aggressive and hard to keep up with. The lyrics have become much more intelligent than the somewhat cheesy stuff on their earlier record. And this is very much the basis of the record.
Besides the techy thrash stuff, the band explores doom metal on a few tracks, specifically the final song of the album "Officium Defunctorum". They also collaborate with rap trio P.I.D. on the song "Spineless", but don’t expect this to be an Anthrax rip-off!! The first third is a rap part with a pretty cool thrash riff. Mid-section is where the band goes totally nuts, and if you think the rap vocals were fast, wait till you hear the trade offs of Ritter and Lenaire in this section. Finally, the song ends on a big doom note. "Broken Chromosome" is a great, atmospheric song with some cool bass lines and intense lyrics. They deal with abuse and neglect of a child with Downs seen from its perspective. Speaking of neglect, "Dysfunctional Domicile" also deals with “Mom and dad forsake the family thing”. In general, the lyrics have a more social aspect than the more Biblical lyrics on the previous album Stop the Bleeding. "Stereotaxic Atrocities" is yet another example of the bands fight for animal rights, and them making awareness of how much we have failed to actually take care of the animals around us.

This album also includes an instrumental. "Viento Borrascoso" is kind of a drum solo (by absolutely epic drummer Kirkpatrick), surrounded by thrashy riffs, flamenco guitars and a horrific weather rapport. Probably the best instrumental the band has ever done!

Their puddle hair and white leather jackets have been traded for a much more street/Cali surf look. The attitude is much more intense and the music takes you all over the place, and you will never know what hit you. Tourniquet has released another classic in their discography, and their all time peak is just around the corner!