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Psycho metal –ala-Tourniquet - 80%

Kalelfromkrypton, October 30th, 2007

This one is more complex than ‘Stop the Bleeding’. While this one was more randomly picked up-songs album, this album has sort of a song continuity structure and the lyrics are more focused on social points of view and the first medical allegories show up instead of the total biblical and Christian focused lyrics from their previous effort.

The music: Psycho Surgery opens the album and it is a disharmonic song loaded with high speed drumming, complex riffs and lyrics fueled with all kind of topics from the human mind. In all we have good songs, rap/metal songs ala Anthrax, great instrumental track but the rest are kind of regular filler songs. Although we get good riffs, tempo changes, cool solos and social topics they are not bad at all but they are not remarkable either.

Officium Defunctorum closes the album is a doomy slow song with an atmosphere that fits the title. Not as excellent as ‘Harlot’ thou. This is why this album is different, because of the mood for each song instead of just a collection of fast songs as in ‘Stop’.

Gone are the high pitched vocals and they fall into a trashier category.

The production, however, is not as good as it should. ‘Pathogenic’ has far better production. The sound of this one is kind of down the barrel.

In all a good effort and more varied than ‘Stop’. A good album that fits the wave of speed metal/thrash records from the 90’s.