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Some Damn Good Thrash - 90%

Erdrickgr, December 31st, 2007

While the drummer (and sometime guitar player) Kirkpatrick is the main credited song writer, it is largely Lenaire's riffs that drive the songs. The music is thrash, but it's fairly original sounding--these guys carved out a nice little sound all their own with their first three albums (1990-1992). There are some obvious classical influences, and there is also the tendency to use medical terminology/imagery.

But when it comes down to it, their music is set apart mostly by the rhythm riffs brought to the table, which are often simultaneously catchy and thrashy. Both Mendez and Lenaire play some good, unique stuff here, sharing lead guitar duties. Unlike the new guitarist (Mendez), however, the new bassist (Macias) doesn't really get much of a chance to shine on this record.

As far as vocals go, Tourniquet had thankfully moved away from using so much of the falsetto stuff, and began their move towards darker, thrashier vocals. Lenaire had a major impact on this through his vocal contributions, and Tourniquet's main vocalist, Guy Ritter, left the band during the recording of the album following this one (Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance). As far as this album goes, though, with both Ritter and Lenaire's singing, there's a nice variety to the vocals. The lyrics are mostly about spiritual topics. Some of the vocal melodies are fairly catchy (e.g. the Psychosurgery chorus), but unless you're a Christian they probably won't have much meaning to you. Tourniquet doesn't really beat you over the head with Christianity too much, they just always seem to bring a song around so that it has a spiritual message by the end. The only exception is Stereotaxic Atrocities, which is a song against using animals in experiments.

I'm giving this CD a 90 because, like my title says, it's some damn good thrash. However, I do have to note a few missteps that hurt their score. First, they have some guys rapping on the song Spineless. It only lasts about forty seconds out of a five minute song, but it somewhat ruins what would have otherwise been a great song. Another misstep would be the middle interlude in the song Broken Choromosomes, where the singer takes on the persona of an abused, mentally handicapped person. Doesn't really work that well; and as with Spineless, this would also be a great song except for that mistake.

But whatever mistakes may have been made, it's still some damn good, catchy and thrashy music, and definitely recommended.