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a masterpiece of Total Hate... - 90%

Akerthorpe, May 21st, 2013

Total Hate are back with 6 new tunes on the cd "Necare Humanum Est". Much like their last release, everything is pretty run of the mill here but what makes this band so fucking good is that they don't compromis their values or beliefs when they create their music. They are just so powerful in their faith and expression and that is what makes them stand out above the rest. Once again this is total chaos from start to finish. It almost seems as if this picks up whre the last album left off.

The 1st track starts off kinda slow with some spoken vocals then chaos ensues about half way through the song. They could have done an intro then this track but it works out better this way. Everything is nice and grim. not too raw, not too technical. Fans of old Mayhem, Gorgoroth and Tjsuder would love this track. These guys are on the attack again and they couldn't have picked a better way to start things off. "Chains and Blood" has a real thick Immortal/Dark Funeral vibe thing going on. The guitars have a nice bite to them and they really stand out here. The drums seem mashed together but take it in stride cause anything these guys do just oozes with hate and blasphemy and should be taken as an expression of such. This is a bit more raw than the 1st track but still keeping with the theme of annihilating everything before them. "Decline of a Human Life" is like a combo of the 1st 2 tracks with a bit of Darkthrone/Satyricon vibe thrown in. Seems to be a bit of a groove here. There is no aggression for the sake of such here. There is pure, absolute agony in every aspect of this song. This is a perfect example of a song title fitting the music or vice versa. Straight from Hell and well done!

"Your Light's Extinguished" starts off with a nice little drum roll then grabs you by the throat to take your last breath. The riffing here seems inspired by Mayhem/Morbid with a tinge of thrash thrown in. Not very many bands who play this type of music stray so far as to incorporate other genres but total Hate do it quite well and almost have it mastered. Great song here. I was impressed. Could have been longer though. "...Of Death's Harvest" starts out on the slow side with more of the spoken vocal a bit in the beginning. Then, speeding things up a bit, seem to add a bit of Celtic Frost and Venom influence although a tad more on the grim side. I really dig the vocals here. Very cold, ideal and well put together. Indeed the best song on the cd so far. Straightforward riffing and such but it seems a little more effort on the grim factor was thrown in...These guys just don't quit. "Northern Thrones" is a Throne of Ahaz cover tune. Having never heard the opriginal before I really can't say much here. It doesn't sound too bad but the previous track would have been a better way to end this cd. All in all this was a great way to end 2010 for these guys. I will definitely be looking for more from them in the coming year. With 2 extremely strong releases under their belt now, Total Hate are ready to lay waste to the metal world for years to come.