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A Wall Of Sound That Bends A Little - 80%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Total Devastation proves to be both brash and at times, completely relentless on “Reclusion”. This six member Finnish metal act tears through eleven gruff tracks of an industrial strength with the abrasive barking of Jaakko Heinonen making for an excellent compliment to the band’s power chord based, wall of sound guitar rumblings. “Divine” is a bottom heavy thumper that morphs into blasting and webbed riffing. The group incorporates more than a few different types of influences, but takes things from a left of center approach.

Highlights here include a spinning vortex of sound called “Converted Illusion” and the savage opening cut “Murderous”, where Total Devastation actually manage to live up to their menacing moniker. The propulsive “Ground Zero” finds the group slyly straddling the line between Gothenburg and metalcore influences, which works wonderfully. This track is definitely the sleeper of the album. On “Well Of The Dead”, Total Devastation try their hand at a bit of doom. Enhancements gives the song an electric nature, giving listeners o taste of cyber-death metal that is something completely different than Fear Factory.

A surprisingly well put together project, “Reclusion” has a great deal to offer those who crave supercharged metal of many moods.