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Torturer > Conjuro IV > Reviews > bayern
Torturer - Conjuro IV

The Spell is Less Contrived, Still Promises Some Results - 79%

bayern, May 13th, 2022

How have the Chilean torturers chosen to prolong our suffering this time around? With lengthy elaborate, near-progressive death/thrashy excursions along the lines of the self-titled opus from four years back? Or with blistering stylized speedy escapades more characteristic of the guys’ earlier feats?

The speedy escapades are here, but they’re pretty much stripped-down violent melees, more oriented towards the death metal community, with very little technicality attached to them. In fact, save for the aptly-titled meandering basher “Twisting”, there are very few hints at the band’s more intricate achievements from the past. Please, brace yourselves for a maddening high-speed assault, with relatively short high-velocity numbers (the title-track, “Bestial Invocation”) semi-blasting through the speakers, disrupting the audience’s peace, the interesting lead-driven variations on “Fucking Bastard” keeping them hooked, with thrash taking big breaths of air on the entertaining roller-coaster “Perception of Life”, surviving the inspired deathly attacks also thanks to the brief hyper-active headbangers “Victim” and “Ralco”.

A decidedly different therapy from the one served on the self-titled, an album full of vitriol and spite, a full-on assault on the senses that still manages to exude style on occasion. The intense shouty death metal vocalist is quite on par with the incessant fast-paced downpour, spitting his lines curtly, seldom reaching the more extreme cords-tearing dimensions. This is a crash course in old school death/thrash violence, a full-frontal collision of the early efforts of Sadus, Incubus and Protector, an exhausting “torturous” slab of music which may even fare better than the more contrived, more atmospheric, and decidedly more restrained predecessor.

I don't know, I’m still left spell-bound by the band’s earlier concoctions, when they were oppressed, risen, but ultimately purified. When the aggression they unleashed came very technically polished, with style dripping from nearly every ounce and fibre… when humans were becoming martyrs willingly, fully trusting their torturers that the salvation they offered was merely another contrived riffy pirouette away.