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These guys put out Pandemonium? - 49%

BurntOffering, December 7th, 2006

Yeah, this isn't much when comparing it to their later efforts, especially Pandemonium. Honestly though, this album is just not THAT exciting. The production is pretty thin, and at times it's hard to hear the riffs when the drums are doing alot. The musicians all put forth a respectable preformance, but it really lacks distinction and the song writing is just really flat sounding.

The first two songs go together as one. It's way too midpaced and boring. Then it gets really slow, and the riffs just aren't very cool. It just drags way too much. The title track is faster until the middle, where it gets slow and boring again. All the tracks have this fast, really slow, fast pattern and sometimes the fast part is switched with a midpaced part. While "Suffocation" reverses the pattern, it's not any more enjoyable. Once you've heard one song on here, you've pretty much heard them all. Many of the songs also have too much "stop/go riffage", and it's very grating. The real highlight is of course the most well known song on here, "A Soul In Hell". It just seems to be played with more conviction and it just has cooler riffage. The singer sounds much like Pat Lind from Morbid Saint on this song. Very nice.

In short, this band would grow by leaps and bounds. This one is pretty forgettable. Go get Pandemonium.