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Good, at times great - 78%

Wra1th1s, April 22nd, 2008

Why it's Torture Squad! A band who is keen on taking Sepultura's place as Brazil's finest (no offense Sarcofago)! And my, what a treat! It's a live album.

This is a good live album, though it may not dethrone Priest in the East or Made in Japan anytime soon, it's still worth your time.

Fresh from the release of the excellent Pandemonium, Torture Squad unleashes hell on their hometown of Sao Paulo (sorry if this sounds like a blurb). You can tell from the crowd that they are definitely hometown heroes. The crowd is very LOUD, but they don't overpower the band. The production is actually good. It's almost like a CD, but not like those "LIVE! In the Studio" albums. The vocals are not so good in SOME parts, overall Vitor does a great performance. The guitar is accentuated and is definitely the main selling point, Mauricio's leads are as fine as the albums. Well, what do you know? I can actual HEAR the bass. And this guy knows his stuff! The insane drumming is also carried over from the albums. Christofaro, I salute YOU!

Songs. Lots of old stuff here, I'm not familiar with most of 'em before I put this on. But I headbang to them anyway. Oh and the band opens with some 'epic' thing before going all "Horror and Torture" on us. They make a couple of those 'live' mistakes, like not shouting long enough, the guitar feedbacks during some parts.

Get it? Well, it's nothing to kill for, but it's not a coaster either. At the very worst it's still better than disc one of Live at the Edge of Forever or Death Angel's Fall from Grace. But that cover is awful, you could make that with Photoshop for God's sake! So, buy it if you got some loose change.