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Torture Division - With endless wrath we bring... - 80%

Phuling, December 23rd, 2010

I’m not sure if there’s really any reason for me to introduce this band, I imagine most death metal fans out there are somewhat familiar with them by now. Or at least should be, considering the fantastic job they’ve done spreading their music for free, and the fact that the members behind it have a solid history of delivering ace death metal (do Grave, Entombed, The Project Hate MCMXCIX, God Among Insects and Vomitory ring a bell?). With endless wrath we bring upon thee our infernal torture is the compilation of Torture Division’s first three demos, and thrown in as a bonus is a single containing a W.A.S.P. cover.

Right from the get go Ejaculation of the wicked pummels through you. Even if you’ve never heard the material before it’d be instantly evident we’re dealing with a talented bunch, capable of writing and performing heavy-as-hell material. While being far from original, they take the best of both the European (with Sweden in particular) and North American sounds. While remaining incredibly heavy and utterly powerful, their tunes also hide a keen sense of melody. Churning riffing and wicked guitar lines push things forward as the blasting drumming keeps the brutality at a high level. It feels like taking the general old school sound of Sweden, mixing it with the Polish flavour of Vader and the Floridian touch of Morbid Angel and Deicide. The lads slickly wander the fields of both old school and more modern brutality, which at times actually remind me a bit of Vomitory.

The tempo’s fast, the riffing qualitative and the burly growls easily let you scream along (something it’s almost impossible not to during a track like We are torture division). The production’s great, much thanks to Dan Swanö’s handiwork. But, I do sense a degeneration in sound quality for the last five tracks (from the third demo and the single), where it’s slightly weaker. While With endless wrath we bring upon thee our infernal torture is nothing but high quality, top notch shit, I have to say their new demo compilation Evighetens dårar (also out on Abyss Records) is even better. Get ‘em both now; there’s no reason not to!

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