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Grace Of Hatred - 70%

lordazmolozmodial, July 14th, 2012

Lets get away from all the melodic and the symphonic black and death metal releases and talk about a real underground black metal act that blows the Norwegian black metal scene with its debut album Extinctionist. The pure unholy label World Terror Committee that has always releases real underground black and death metal releases is now granting us the band Tortorum, so prepare your ears for some new grinding and crashing black metal record to shake the scene of this year.

The history repeats itself now in this record because the brutality of Marduk and the unholy riffs of Mayhem are already included in the spirit of Tortorum. no matter how much original is this record, the essence and the influences of the music cant sound different than the old Darkthrone and Gorgoroth. The artwork of the album contains a corpse-painted man who looks like a reaper, the black and white colors and the high contrast of the artwork are classic, they reminds me of the great classic black metal albums "Black Metal Ist Krieg" and "Transilvanian Hunger".

The music of Tortorum is combining very interesting and pure elements from the early second movement of black metal, the 90s underground black metal acts affect this release perfectly, even the production reminds me of that era. The unholy chords of the black riffing create a pure distortion sound that builds a huge wall of sound in front of the lead guitar that tries to reveal itself in this mess, the bass sounds buried beneath the wall of the rhythm guitar sound. The session drummer "Erik" did a pure work here, the blast-beating black metal efforts build a great base for the structure of the tracks.

Some pounding tracks like "Gloria in Extinction" and "Fucking worthless" are invoking the old days of the black metal era and mix them with the modern era of the underground black metal sound. The track "Aeonscourge" that begins its journey with some samples and a clean guitar section, is a great example of how to create a perfect black metal track that affects the ears of the listeners for years. Many tracks like "Grace Of Hatred " and "Kindling The World Conflagration" contain great vocal-lines, "Bargest" who did the vocals of this record has a real misanthropic throat, its full of anger and blasphemy and actually this is completely clear in the lyrical themes that the band try to invoke in this amazing record.

Overall, the pure black metal movement is still alive and many unholy black metal acts are presenting pure black metal records, so if you are interested in the pure and the original sound of the black metal riffs that contain raw and cold production, this album will satisfy your needs, but if you are searching for a girlish black metal record that intend to sound evil and dark, then go and kill yourself. This CD is waiting to be cursed, get your copy now and enjoy the real sound of underground black metal.

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