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100 If Not For The Drum Machine - 80%

optimuszgrime, March 28th, 2008

This is an example of drum machine used right. There are only a couple of bands that I accept this from, and they are one of them, along with Retch and Dysmennorhic Haemorhage. With this style of music it is understandable, plus they got a drummer as fast as they could after making the album, which just adds plus points. This music was written in a way that I believe they were expecting a drummer for the future unlike let’s say Retch, who will never have a drummer because of the impossible riffing.

The music is down tuned, real low like, Mortician on speed, basically. I really like it because of its staunch heaviness. Also, it is not such a typical death/grind release as people make it seem, after all, the guy from Archgoat, so you know that there is at least one psychopath in the band, but judging form the lyrics and artwork, possibly more. You can feel the metal influence, I must say, more so then on many other Mortician clones. Also, they are not clones; you could pick them out of a line up after 30 seconds of one of their songs, sometime after only like 5. The vocals are what carry this thing, he has two voices, deep and guttural, and even deeper guttural, but seriously there is this semi-nasal like pigs grunting voice he has that sends shivers up mine spine. I like guttural shit, and I have heard a lot of it, but this voice is unparalleled, it is just snorting and puking basically. Really disgusting, and the whole record is full of really extreme, really nasty musical endeavors. Such is the extreme down tuning and wacky riffs, the speed, the voice, the intros, etc. oh yes, just like Mortician, half of their songs are intros as well. All in all, you should get this if you like death/grind, they are one of the most extreme in the genre right now, although these things change fairly quickly. A solid record, and I am very glad to hear that they have a live drummer with them now. Cannot wait for the next album, it was supposed to be released already, lets hope their drummer keeps up the tempo!