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For lack of a better term, it's shit. - 3%

Wilytank, December 10th, 2011

(Originally posted by me to the Metal Music Archives:

Let me put it bluntly: even with the immature grotesque elements stripped away, Torsofuck have nothing going for them. Now, I'm usually too busy with other shit that you probably don't care about to pay attention to an album like Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy; but every once in a while, my eyes get burned by that shock value-intensive album cover. In a fitting metaphor, I get fed up with the shit and feel the need to flush it down the toilet where it belongs. So, let's make this happen.

I'm just going to go ahead and get the criticism for the thematic elements out of the way. No, perverse elements are not totally a red area for me. Cannibal Corpse pulled them off just fine with Tomb of the Mutilated. But here, Torsofuck aren't only sick, but they're fucking stupid, unless you find elephant penis, dismemberment during intercourse, or ejaculating while being crapped on entertaining; in which case, you really need to take your mind out of the gutter and your head out of your ass, lest you find having your head shoved up your ass satisfying too.

On to the music. The most immediately annoying aspect is that music here is samples! The first song goes on for over two fucking minutes before actually playing any metal music. I don't like listening to music if I feel like they're wasting my damn time. This album is only thirty minutes long, and it's value is going to be greatly lowered if only 17 or so minutes of it is actually music. If anyone is actually dumb enough to buy this, they're either going to feel ripped off for not getting their money's worth, or they'll be entertained by the stupid samples that are on this album.

There is nothing outstanding about the music that's actually there in between the samples. This shit sounds like goddamn Spermswamp with slightly better production and Waking the Cadaver. Not only do the riffs feel stale, but the so called brutality also feels stale. It's all uninteresting! The fast parts of one song feel like the fast parts of another song. Ditto for the slow parts. Have you fuckers ever considered taking some influence from Cryptopsy? They were able to make some brutal sounding music that was actually interesting, they also had a human drummer who could drum as fast as the machine on this album, and they had Lord Worm's almost unintelligible vocals. That brings me to the vocals in Torsofuck. They sound like Spermswamp and Waking the Cadaver. Farting and belching sounds are another branch off for this band's immaturity. They do not sound dark and disturbed, they sound stupid.

Is it irony that Torsofuck involved themselves with so much fecal imagery that their musical output turned out to be shit? I'd like to think they had it coming. I got as much of a kick out of album as I did that one time I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet when the one who previously used it didn't flush. EDF sucks. Everything about it is horrible, and I don't care to listen to it ever again.