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Disgusting Awesomeness, except for one thing - 91%

Verminswallower, September 25th, 2012

Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy is probably one of the most brutal albums I've heard. Back when I found this band, I had the feeling that this would be like most of the bands I had heard back then, that Torsofuck would be only pig squeals and uncomprehensible guitar riffs (and machine gun drum programming).

But this was no ordinary band at all.

The drums in this album are all made with a drum machine, yet they are made so perfectly that you think that someone is behind the drums (although there are some songs where the drumming is obviously programmed). The guitars are really down tuned, almost like in a porngrind band (main reason why this band has been qualified as porngrind in many blogs), but instead of sounding like the typical porngrind band, it sounds more technical that many goregrind bands, making some complex riffs in most of the tracks. The bass player is not a newbie, in fact, he is astounding. In all the tracks, the bass can be heard really loud, and it has some solo parts, demostrating that this band was worried to show that the bass player was there (unlike the debut album of Waking the Cadaver). The vocals where something new I heard back then. I thought this guy used some effect or that where modified with a computer, but no, those where completely natural vocals, and where the most lower, insanely, undeciphrable vocals I heard.

The lyrics are mostly about feces, sexual depravations, gore and things like that, but the vocals are so low that is almost impossible to follow the song with the lyrics, which is a shame 'cause many of us (fans of Torsofuck) would like to follow Raped by Elephants along with the lyrics

Although this album is amazing, there is one thing many of us listeners of this album hate. The samples. I mean, it's ok to put some samples before the song starts (or at the end of the song), and usually these sample are short, but Torsofuck used samples really long in some of their songs, the most notorious is Cannibal, in which the samples are put before the song and in the end of it, and the song without samples doesn't last more that 2 minutes, Mutilated for Sexual Purposes is another example of a bad use of samples in this album.

Overall, Torsofuck stands along some other brutal bands like Guttural Secrete, Septicemia, Infant Bile and others. Search this album if you wanna hear something extremely brutal with non-modified vocals, I assure you that you won't be dissapointed.