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charming art on this one - 72%

Noktorn, January 28th, 2010

Before anything else, yes, the samples are annoying and unnecessarily long and probably take up a third of the album, but I can't bring myself to care a great deal.

A lot of the overt thrashiness of the band's material on their split with Lymphatic Phlegm has been excised here; slightly through songwriting, but mostly via the production, which is much more bass-heavy and in line with modern brutal death/goregrind than it was before. The riffing, too, is a little more in line with that style; while the influences from albums like 'Eaten Back To Life' or Deicide's self-titled are still very present, there's certainly an edge of more modern material here.

The style, though, is relatively intact: short songs full of grooving riffs, hyperspeed blasting, and rather bizarre vocals courtesy of the much-lauded Mikko Friberg, whose 'gore purr' style certainly was something new in the extreme metal scene at the time of this album's release, and still isn't used too commonly. Torsofuck can be depended upon to provide a good mix of groove and blast without letting either become to dominant on even the shorter tracks. Certainly the production and overall aesthetic can push people away but frankly this is about as close to pop music as brutal death gets.

I don't find the material on here quite as memorable as that on the previous split; even though two of the tracks off that one are rerecorded here, that release just has something special about it that can't really be replicated again. But despite that, this is still a worthwhile if somewhat unremarkable addition to a brutal death fan's collection. But shit, as well known as Torsofuck is at this point, it's already in the hands of everyone who would conceivably want it.