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Amazing Material Diluted With Filler - 71%

MutantClannfear, March 6th, 2011

A band has finally done it. Finnish brutal death metal/goregrind act Torsofuck have created an album that sits on the fine line of primal brutality and unlistenability. Bands like Guttural Secrete and Devourment fall under this line; Enmity and Last Days of Humanity step right over it as if it were nothing more than a speedbump. But Torsofuck are sitting right on the edge of this line. The music's simple as fuck and doesn't want anything more than to smash the listener's brains out of their ear canal, but it still has merit as music. I doubt the formula will be mastered this well in a long, long time.

Torsofuck's music has two main variations: the fast, unrelenting blasts, and the slow, chugging slams. Both work very well: the blast beats could be compared to most you'll hear throughout a goregrind album, and the slams simply work well because of the feedback produced by the guitars. Most of the guitarwork is ridiculously simple chugs masked behind intentionally distorted production that produces quite a bit of feedback. I'd normally hate this crap, but the band has managed to still let the listener easily hear what notes they're playing. Honestly, though, the tones aren't all that important: some of the best parts of this album occur when the guitars become the equivalent of drone feedback and provide background noise for Torsofuck's drum machine and vocalist. Speaking of which, this band is one of the few I know who can use a drum machine at the very front of the production and get away with it without sounding repetitive or silly. It might be because it's right next to the drone-production guitars, but either way it sounds a lot more serious than most programmed brutal death metal drums, which saves the music from being too retarded for me to take seriously (and it comes dangerously close).

The vocalist has some of the deepest gutturals I've ever heard. They, too, pass the line of decency and sit alongside Enmity in terms of sounding like a pig. Thankfully, Torsofuck's vocalist has the decency to use rhythm among his monotonous grunts, so they fail to truly annoy me.

I honestly love the musicianship on this album; it's worthy of a 90% or more by itself. What brings this album down, however, is the ridiculous amount of samples. The first track drags its movie sample on for almost two-and-a-half minutes before the listener actually hears what Torsofuck's music is like; almost half of "Worm Infested Anal" is samples; "Pussy Mutilation" uses what sounds like a trailer to the movie Blood Sucking Freaks to take up over half its length; and "Cannibal", the biggest offender, uses more than four minutes of its near-six-minute running time to create imagery about cannibals (albeit, the samples in this song are pretty cool, and the music is some of my favorite off the album). These are the biggest offenders, but pretty much every single song has at least ten seconds of samples from crappy horror movies. This probably takes up anywhere from one-third to one-half of the album's length, and it's very disappointing.

So yes, although Torsofuck's music is great, Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy's content as a whole will probably piss you off to no end. If you think you can tolerate such a ridiculous amount of filler, then have at it, and experience this beautiful example of a perfect division between brutality and musical merit. If you're wondering about the choice cuts on the album, try "Snuffed Freak", "Raped by Elephants", and "Cannibal".