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Heavy and Brutal - 77%

CorneliusTapas, June 29th, 2009

Ah, the sound of brutal death metal; the heavy drum beats, the guttural growls of hate and anger, the furious distortion of the guitar; it all fits together fairly nicely. Normally I am quite pleased with such music, and Torsofucks first full-length, Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy, was absolutely no exception. This group from Finland has got a lot of reputation in the obscure metal scene for their outrageously gory lyrics and fantastic use of a drum machine (though they now use a real drumkit on tours). Let's go into more depth.

The pace of EDF is very rapid, with varied drum beats giving the music a cutting edge. The drum programming was especially outstanding on the 5th track, called Raped by Elephants. The pace of the percussion often changes from a steady tempo to a full-on blast beat on this track, which just sounds fantastic.

The vocals are very 'growled' and mostly incomprehensible, which is somewhat of a let-down, because you'll want to hear the awesomely brutal lyrics. They are choc-full of rape, coprophilia, bestiality and other grossly perverted concepts that it's just candy for brutal death fans. The guitar and bass are quite well done too, with consistent rhythm and usage.

This album loses marks for its vocalization and annoying intros. The intros for all the songs go for about 30 seconds and are often a bit immature and irritating. The vocals could've been done better, but I guess they were tolerable. So overall, a solid record. I would highly recommend it to any fans of such music.