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Naw - 18%

BlackMetal213, June 21st, 2015

Ah, Torsofuck's "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy". With its disgusting cover art and grotesque lyrical concept, this album has been cycled through the underground death metal scene again and again. I discovered this band through the humorously atrocious "Raped by Elephants" about five years ago or so back when I was in high school. This is some of the most horrendous death metal I have ever heard. It is pretty much as satisfying as the album cover, save for a few riffs.

Something that really irritates me about this is the vocals. I've heard brutal death metal bands use similar vocal styles, and can certainly pull it off well. Torsofuck is not one of those bands. These vocals sound like someone ripped out their vocal chords and put them into a meat grinder and they are performed in a highly guttural style. Again, some bands do these vocals very well, but these guys fail so badly at it. There are lyrics to these songs, in fact some of the most ridiculous lyrics ever, but you really can't understand them anyway, so the lyrics might as well not even exist. Seriously, look at a lyrical excerpt from "Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver":

"Digging up her corpse, she is worm infested
Badly decomposed, but I take her to my home
Stench of rot turns me on and my cock grows rapidly
I am so horny, I need to fuck that dirty whore"

Yeah, these lyrics can actually be pretty funny for some of us with insanely screwed up minds, as well as an extremely strange teenager that I once was, but in reality, these lyrics are completely impossible to decipher. Really, I feel like Mikko was farting into the microphone most of the time because that's what it sounds like.

There are some cool death metal guitar riffs in a few of these songs. Actually, "Raped by Elephants" and "Four Legged Whore" contain some of the most ferocious riffs on the album. The guitar work, for the most part, is either viciously fast or slow and chugging. For the most part, it is generic. The riffs are often really hard to focus on anyway because of these vocals! The band sounds a lot like a very bad ripoff of Devourment, a far superior brutal death metal band that have released a few classics within the "slam" genre.

The production of this album is pretty meaty and dirty, which gives it a heavy sound. Yes this is heavy, but as we all know, heavy doesn't always equal good. The drums sound pretty bad due to the drum machine. Actually, this album might have received at least a little higher of a score if it hadn't been for the fake-as-pyrite drum machine. The album already sounds bad, so hey, why not add a terrible sounding drum machine to the equation and make it sound worse? Good idea, you guys!

An album that is full of boring, uninspired riffs, a terrible sounding drum machine, and awful vocals, "Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy" will probably never invade my ears again. If you really want some of the most retarded death metal you can find, go for this one!

Disgusting Awesomeness, except for one thing - 91%

Verminswallower, September 25th, 2012

Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy is probably one of the most brutal albums I've heard. Back when I found this band, I had the feeling that this would be like most of the bands I had heard back then, that Torsofuck would be only pig squeals and uncomprehensible guitar riffs (and machine gun drum programming).

But this was no ordinary band at all.

The drums in this album are all made with a drum machine, yet they are made so perfectly that you think that someone is behind the drums (although there are some songs where the drumming is obviously programmed). The guitars are really down tuned, almost like in a porngrind band (main reason why this band has been qualified as porngrind in many blogs), but instead of sounding like the typical porngrind band, it sounds more technical that many goregrind bands, making some complex riffs in most of the tracks. The bass player is not a newbie, in fact, he is astounding. In all the tracks, the bass can be heard really loud, and it has some solo parts, demostrating that this band was worried to show that the bass player was there (unlike the debut album of Waking the Cadaver). The vocals where something new I heard back then. I thought this guy used some effect or that where modified with a computer, but no, those where completely natural vocals, and where the most lower, insanely, undeciphrable vocals I heard.

The lyrics are mostly about feces, sexual depravations, gore and things like that, but the vocals are so low that is almost impossible to follow the song with the lyrics, which is a shame 'cause many of us (fans of Torsofuck) would like to follow Raped by Elephants along with the lyrics

Although this album is amazing, there is one thing many of us listeners of this album hate. The samples. I mean, it's ok to put some samples before the song starts (or at the end of the song), and usually these sample are short, but Torsofuck used samples really long in some of their songs, the most notorious is Cannibal, in which the samples are put before the song and in the end of it, and the song without samples doesn't last more that 2 minutes, Mutilated for Sexual Purposes is another example of a bad use of samples in this album.

Overall, Torsofuck stands along some other brutal bands like Guttural Secrete, Septicemia, Infant Bile and others. Search this album if you wanna hear something extremely brutal with non-modified vocals, I assure you that you won't be dissapointed.

For lack of a better term, it's shit. - 3%

Wilytank, December 10th, 2011

(Originally posted by me to the Metal Music Archives:

Let me put it bluntly: even with the immature grotesque elements stripped away, Torsofuck have nothing going for them. Now, I'm usually too busy with other shit that you probably don't care about to pay attention to an album like Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy; but every once in a while, my eyes get burned by that shock value-intensive album cover. In a fitting metaphor, I get fed up with the shit and feel the need to flush it down the toilet where it belongs. So, let's make this happen.

I'm just going to go ahead and get the criticism for the thematic elements out of the way. No, perverse elements are not totally a red area for me. Cannibal Corpse pulled them off just fine with Tomb of the Mutilated. But here, Torsofuck aren't only sick, but they're fucking stupid, unless you find elephant penis, dismemberment during intercourse, or ejaculating while being crapped on entertaining; in which case, you really need to take your mind out of the gutter and your head out of your ass, lest you find having your head shoved up your ass satisfying too.

On to the music. The most immediately annoying aspect is that music here is samples! The first song goes on for over two fucking minutes before actually playing any metal music. I don't like listening to music if I feel like they're wasting my damn time. This album is only thirty minutes long, and it's value is going to be greatly lowered if only 17 or so minutes of it is actually music. If anyone is actually dumb enough to buy this, they're either going to feel ripped off for not getting their money's worth, or they'll be entertained by the stupid samples that are on this album.

There is nothing outstanding about the music that's actually there in between the samples. This shit sounds like goddamn Spermswamp with slightly better production and Waking the Cadaver. Not only do the riffs feel stale, but the so called brutality also feels stale. It's all uninteresting! The fast parts of one song feel like the fast parts of another song. Ditto for the slow parts. Have you fuckers ever considered taking some influence from Cryptopsy? They were able to make some brutal sounding music that was actually interesting, they also had a human drummer who could drum as fast as the machine on this album, and they had Lord Worm's almost unintelligible vocals. That brings me to the vocals in Torsofuck. They sound like Spermswamp and Waking the Cadaver. Farting and belching sounds are another branch off for this band's immaturity. They do not sound dark and disturbed, they sound stupid.

Is it irony that Torsofuck involved themselves with so much fecal imagery that their musical output turned out to be shit? I'd like to think they had it coming. I got as much of a kick out of album as I did that one time I dropped my toothbrush in the toilet when the one who previously used it didn't flush. EDF sucks. Everything about it is horrible, and I don't care to listen to it ever again.

Amazing Material Diluted With Filler - 71%

MutantClannfear, March 6th, 2011

A band has finally done it. Finnish brutal death metal/goregrind act Torsofuck have created an album that sits on the fine line of primal brutality and unlistenability. Bands like Guttural Secrete and Devourment fall under this line; Enmity and Last Days of Humanity step right over it as if it were nothing more than a speedbump. But Torsofuck are sitting right on the edge of this line. The music's simple as fuck and doesn't want anything more than to smash the listener's brains out of their ear canal, but it still has merit as music. I doubt the formula will be mastered this well in a long, long time.

Torsofuck's music has two main variations: the fast, unrelenting blasts, and the slow, chugging slams. Both work very well: the blast beats could be compared to most you'll hear throughout a goregrind album, and the slams simply work well because of the feedback produced by the guitars. Most of the guitarwork is ridiculously simple chugs masked behind intentionally distorted production that produces quite a bit of feedback. I'd normally hate this crap, but the band has managed to still let the listener easily hear what notes they're playing. Honestly, though, the tones aren't all that important: some of the best parts of this album occur when the guitars become the equivalent of drone feedback and provide background noise for Torsofuck's drum machine and vocalist. Speaking of which, this band is one of the few I know who can use a drum machine at the very front of the production and get away with it without sounding repetitive or silly. It might be because it's right next to the drone-production guitars, but either way it sounds a lot more serious than most programmed brutal death metal drums, which saves the music from being too retarded for me to take seriously (and it comes dangerously close).

The vocalist has some of the deepest gutturals I've ever heard. They, too, pass the line of decency and sit alongside Enmity in terms of sounding like a pig. Thankfully, Torsofuck's vocalist has the decency to use rhythm among his monotonous grunts, so they fail to truly annoy me.

I honestly love the musicianship on this album; it's worthy of a 90% or more by itself. What brings this album down, however, is the ridiculous amount of samples. The first track drags its movie sample on for almost two-and-a-half minutes before the listener actually hears what Torsofuck's music is like; almost half of "Worm Infested Anal" is samples; "Pussy Mutilation" uses what sounds like a trailer to the movie Blood Sucking Freaks to take up over half its length; and "Cannibal", the biggest offender, uses more than four minutes of its near-six-minute running time to create imagery about cannibals (albeit, the samples in this song are pretty cool, and the music is some of my favorite off the album). These are the biggest offenders, but pretty much every single song has at least ten seconds of samples from crappy horror movies. This probably takes up anywhere from one-third to one-half of the album's length, and it's very disappointing.

So yes, although Torsofuck's music is great, Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy's content as a whole will probably piss you off to no end. If you think you can tolerate such a ridiculous amount of filler, then have at it, and experience this beautiful example of a perfect division between brutality and musical merit. If you're wondering about the choice cuts on the album, try "Snuffed Freak", "Raped by Elephants", and "Cannibal".

charming art on this one - 72%

Noktorn, January 28th, 2010

Before anything else, yes, the samples are annoying and unnecessarily long and probably take up a third of the album, but I can't bring myself to care a great deal.

A lot of the overt thrashiness of the band's material on their split with Lymphatic Phlegm has been excised here; slightly through songwriting, but mostly via the production, which is much more bass-heavy and in line with modern brutal death/goregrind than it was before. The riffing, too, is a little more in line with that style; while the influences from albums like 'Eaten Back To Life' or Deicide's self-titled are still very present, there's certainly an edge of more modern material here.

The style, though, is relatively intact: short songs full of grooving riffs, hyperspeed blasting, and rather bizarre vocals courtesy of the much-lauded Mikko Friberg, whose 'gore purr' style certainly was something new in the extreme metal scene at the time of this album's release, and still isn't used too commonly. Torsofuck can be depended upon to provide a good mix of groove and blast without letting either become to dominant on even the shorter tracks. Certainly the production and overall aesthetic can push people away but frankly this is about as close to pop music as brutal death gets.

I don't find the material on here quite as memorable as that on the previous split; even though two of the tracks off that one are rerecorded here, that release just has something special about it that can't really be replicated again. But despite that, this is still a worthwhile if somewhat unremarkable addition to a brutal death fan's collection. But shit, as well known as Torsofuck is at this point, it's already in the hands of everyone who would conceivably want it.

Heavy and Brutal - 77%

CorneliusTapas, June 29th, 2009

Ah, the sound of brutal death metal; the heavy drum beats, the guttural growls of hate and anger, the furious distortion of the guitar; it all fits together fairly nicely. Normally I am quite pleased with such music, and Torsofucks first full-length, Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy, was absolutely no exception. This group from Finland has got a lot of reputation in the obscure metal scene for their outrageously gory lyrics and fantastic use of a drum machine (though they now use a real drumkit on tours). Let's go into more depth.

The pace of EDF is very rapid, with varied drum beats giving the music a cutting edge. The drum programming was especially outstanding on the 5th track, called Raped by Elephants. The pace of the percussion often changes from a steady tempo to a full-on blast beat on this track, which just sounds fantastic.

The vocals are very 'growled' and mostly incomprehensible, which is somewhat of a let-down, because you'll want to hear the awesomely brutal lyrics. They are choc-full of rape, coprophilia, bestiality and other grossly perverted concepts that it's just candy for brutal death fans. The guitar and bass are quite well done too, with consistent rhythm and usage.

This album loses marks for its vocalization and annoying intros. The intros for all the songs go for about 30 seconds and are often a bit immature and irritating. The vocals could've been done better, but I guess they were tolerable. So overall, a solid record. I would highly recommend it to any fans of such music.

100 If Not For The Drum Machine - 80%

optimuszgrime, March 28th, 2008

This is an example of drum machine used right. There are only a couple of bands that I accept this from, and they are one of them, along with Retch and Dysmennorhic Haemorhage. With this style of music it is understandable, plus they got a drummer as fast as they could after making the album, which just adds plus points. This music was written in a way that I believe they were expecting a drummer for the future unlike let’s say Retch, who will never have a drummer because of the impossible riffing.

The music is down tuned, real low like, Mortician on speed, basically. I really like it because of its staunch heaviness. Also, it is not such a typical death/grind release as people make it seem, after all, the guy from Archgoat, so you know that there is at least one psychopath in the band, but judging form the lyrics and artwork, possibly more. You can feel the metal influence, I must say, more so then on many other Mortician clones. Also, they are not clones; you could pick them out of a line up after 30 seconds of one of their songs, sometime after only like 5. The vocals are what carry this thing, he has two voices, deep and guttural, and even deeper guttural, but seriously there is this semi-nasal like pigs grunting voice he has that sends shivers up mine spine. I like guttural shit, and I have heard a lot of it, but this voice is unparalleled, it is just snorting and puking basically. Really disgusting, and the whole record is full of really extreme, really nasty musical endeavors. Such is the extreme down tuning and wacky riffs, the speed, the voice, the intros, etc. oh yes, just like Mortician, half of their songs are intros as well. All in all, you should get this if you like death/grind, they are one of the most extreme in the genre right now, although these things change fairly quickly. A solid record, and I am very glad to hear that they have a live drummer with them now. Cannot wait for the next album, it was supposed to be released already, lets hope their drummer keeps up the tempo!