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A major improvement - 79%

Lustmord56, March 24th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Ossuary Industries (Digipak)

Review originally published at by E.Thomas

“Listen here you beautiful bitch, I’m about to fuck you up with some truth”- Kenny Flowers (“I Can’t Believe She Got in the Van with Me”)

In 2013, I reviewed the second album ..The Dissection of Christ, from these Kansas City death metallers, it was a solid hodge-podge of death metal styles that showed some promise if a lack of direction and tonal focus. The only consistent thing was that the band really disliked the holy trinity.

Featuring some truly bizarre yet grotesquely wonderful artwork that shows the albums lyrical themes and style, the album is a vast improvement of ..The Dissection of Christ, as the band seemed to found a nice balance between burly goregrind and some whiddly melodies that give the album a little more character and style amid the deep bellows and twisting brutality. The backbone is an obvious Cannibal Corpse/Broken Hope sound and imagery, but the lead work of Nick Yeates elevates the whole thing to something a little more. The last album did have a few moments of melody but it was a bit of a mish mash, but here, its used and rendered with much more confidence.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is by no means a game changer of classic album, but it is very good. The album is riddled with the cliched samples of women suffering, horror quotes etc (including the above reference quote from Eastbound and Down in the album’s opening track) , and that’s OK if you are into that sort of thing, but amid the genre typical gore and misogyny, the band put together some memorable tunes and moments. Case in point towards the end of second track “Autopsy of a Cunt”, there’s a pretty cool sweep and groove, that you normally don’t hear in this style. A few other flourishes such as “Digested Genitals”, the oddly introspective mid sections of “Sulfuric Semen Skank Dunk Tank” and “Inserted Vaginal Castration Device” and the penultimate title track are sprinkled around the album, making your ears perk up amid the carnage.

Of course the majority of the album is rife more standard, effective gurgling, blasting brutality that has much more focus and chops. The likes of opener “I Can’t Believe She Got in the Van with Me”, “Skinned and Sodomized”, “55 Gallon Crypt” deliver ample, cleanly produced gore grind savagery, that’s par for the course, and I’m intrigued how these guys continue to develop.

Sonicaly Tramsmitted Excellence - 100%

Akerthorpe, October 28th, 2014

Torn the Fuck Apart’s “Sexually Transmitted Torture” is a definite monster in the death/groove metal genre. This is their 3rd full length and they seem to get better and better with every riff played. This is absolutely sick metal! Not only from the perspectives of artwork and lyrics, but also in sheer talent and playing ability. These guys are not just another “clone” band who write the songs that they do for shock value. What the shocker really is, is how well these guys present the material they’ve created. This release will more that satisfy the metallic needs of even those most sophisticated listener of this genre.

I cannot say enough, just how awesome the riffs and solos are on these tracks. The riffs are heavy and thick but lack that certain “bite” that , say, a typical Swedish band playing the same type of music might have. Even so, the sheer thickness of the riffs here more than make up for this slight technicality. They even have a slight classical/progressive edge in some parts but you’ll have to listen closely to catch it. Metal heads who have been listening for years should be able to pick up on it fairly quickly. There is a really nice Cannibal Corpse vibe happening early on in these tracks and for a band of this nature to incorporate a traditional death metal sound into their music shows that the members of Torn the Fuck Apart have establish their roots in accordance to what’s relevant in the metal world today. Other vibes and Influences seem to come from bands such as Lividity, Dying Fetus, Carnifex, Suffocation, and Baphomet. The solos are just as noteworthy. I haven’t heard anything this good since Necrotic Disgorgement’s “Documentaries of Dementia”. Classically influenced and brutally played, the solo work on this CD is of the highest caliber. Music this brutal commands respect and it has definitely earned mine.

The drum talent here is pretty good as well despite the obvious triggers placed in integral parts of these songs. Unlike a lot of bands who include triggered playing as something to use as fillers in songs, Torn the Fuck Apart seems to use this aspect to only accentuate the devastation that is already there. A final nail in the coffin of the dominant statement this album presents. The production and mixing on the drums is right on point and all the levels are right. There is not one thing out of place anywhere on this CD. The styles played here are numerous. There’s everything from ever so slight doom rhythms, to thrash rhythms and everything in between and the traditional death metal sound is just the icing on the cake. The only thing really typical about this release are the vocals. They seem pretty run of the mill but it really fits here and the brutality vomited forth adds to the mind blowing ferocity of the final product. This was a very enjoyable release. I’ll definitely be playing this one a lot. This release was put out by Ossuary Industries, so get in contact with them or the band and get this release. Support this band and the music they create. An awesome release that is true to form and will not disappoint.