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Is it really a Tormentor's album? - 40%

Werewolf, June 1st, 2005

I had a really bad feeling about this album even before listenning to it, first of all - because of its title... What the fuck does the "777" mean? Neither did I like the album's cover, which looks like a parody on Zorro, not talking about the tracklist, where you can see 6 intros and 1 outro! I knew that this album would not be the next "Anno Domini", but I couldn't even imagine how crappy this release is and I still can't understand what the fuck it is all about!

"Recipe Ferrum! 777" is an experimental album, which doesn't have anything in common with the older album and demo released by Tormentor. The first track is in my opinion the best traack in the album, since it contains only some raven's screams in the beginning and then a nice guitar's solo. This intro is not dumb, it is not funny and it's just ok (again - mainly because it's not as weird and rediculous as the rest of the songs). By the way - the opening riff really reminds me the opening riff of Kreator's "Terror Zone"!

After this intro, comes............ Another intro..... Kinda folkish intro without any guitars or bass or drums and there are some people speaking Hungarian there.

The next song is folkish and the attendance of the keyboards makes it even more sucky, though it contains a few soft yet nice sounding guitar's riffs and some good Attila's blackish vocals. He wouldn't have ruined De Mysterriis if he had sang there like this!

In most of the cases - this is tthe way this album sounds until track 9 (though track 9 has no intro): a stupid folkish intro, then comes a nice guitar's solo, then comes Attila and shows us that he is still a bad singer (rarely does he sound as good as in the "Recipe Ferrum" song) and then the song gets totally ruined by the keyboards.

I wish someone could explain me what the fuck the "Paprika Jancsi" is all about, since it sounds like a bad joke. You can hear Attila either screaming or siging "nananananana" with a 7 years old boy's voice. Ah yes, the intro "Intro - Paprika Jancsi" consists in 90% from laughter.... This is not even funny...

I must also say that the song "Hany Istok" could be the best song in this album, if it were 1:33 minutes long only. Until 1:33 - it's a pure nice guitar's solo, which later turns into a distasterpeace, of course - thanks to Attila's this time clean vocals, and later - the keyboards. Pity...

The next song consists of Attila's wannabe Japanese 8 years old boy who gets assfucked. Really. In the end of the song there's just a dialog between Attila's voice (the one from De Mysteriis) and this little boy. It seems that this boy got assfucked in order to get some food, because it seems that he is eating something there. Poor child......

The worst song here is of course "Brummadza (Bonus Track)". It opens with Attila's another version for childish vocals, continues with some melody from gameboy (no joke!), then Attila says: "wa wa wa wu wu wu" while sounding constipated, and then...... he farts! Just listen to it - 0:43! Then come the drums and a guiar's melody that sounds like Jazz, containing Attila's still constipated screams (of course, huh?).... 3:14 - 3:39 - finally there's some metal there!!! Well, actually it sounds just noisy and raw, but it's fast and brutal and it would be better if the whole albu,m would sound like that. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
After that - you just hear simple screams of different people.... I really wonder what the Shitlord this song supposed to mean, but perhhaps it just was recorded out of boredom.

Hany Istok (Live Mix) - same song, yet this time it's 9:09 minutes and not 3:13 as before. Pity. It would be better if it had been shorter, since there's again noting interesting there. Same not bad guitars, same bad vocals.... As usual.

Outro - A'Ordog - The Devil - this time Attila is not constipated anymore and he seems to be.... Puking..... I wonder what the an in the background is talking about there, but I can guess that it's a neighbour on whose grass Attila has just puked. It sounds that the neighbour beats Attila to detah there and Attila (FINALLY!!!) dies. Well, It still isn't clear what this intro has to do with the Devil, but personally I don't care and I'm glad that this album is finally over!

I think that the only man in this band who doesn't lack any tallent is the lead guitar player, who really knows how to play and I hope that one day he will find some good Heavy Metal band to play in.

Anyway - this is an experimental album and the experiment has failed! It's rediculous, non-metallish and stupid. The demo was a nice start, Anno Domini was a masterpiece, but this is just an unsuccessfull cum-back album. I really don't recommend any Tormentor's fans that they give it a chance.