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Raw as Hell, NWOBHM-ish - 68%

UltraBoris, November 28th, 2002

First off....

Just so you can hear it for yourself. :-)

Anyway, it's a pretty decent demo from these guys - it's straight up early 80s speed metal, that sounds like some of the old OLD Slayer stuff, like Ice Titan and whatnot, and also some old Exodus. Pretty much what you'd expect to turn into thrash metal in a few years.

"Armies of Hell" and "Cry War" appear on the 1984 demo as well... they are rawer and less thrashy, but generally similar. They were speed metal then, they are speed metal now.

"Satan's Day" and "Messenger from Burning Hell" are the remaining two songs... the chorus of "Messenger from Burning Hell" sounds much like the deleted portion of Slayer's "Tormentor" (the 8 minute version has an extra middle part). "Satan's Day" begins with a very hideous shriek and then some cool riffs. The thrashiest song on here, though I'm not really surprised they dropped it, since it is a bit simplistic and punkish.

So, what can I say. Get it. It's RIGHT THERE. The production is crap, the songwriting pretty basic at times, the vocals incomprehensible, but overall it's pretty damn cool.