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Razor Ov'de Fire Torch! - 78%

Danthrax_Nasty, September 12th, 2005

Well firstly, the cover doesn't quite fit the title. The band have a cool look, but it was very much a standard look then (although the super cheesy electric chair is definitely cool). The song titles are a bit cliche (or just didn't have a whole lot of creativity put into them, but hey these were guys from Sweden writing in English, so maybe that was a factor), and with all due respect there's just nothing here, musically or otherwise, that has that "it" factor (which you gotta remember made a lot of fucking bands in the '80s...think of the L.A. scene in the early days if you don't get me. Some of those fuckers were on fire with "it").

So basically, these are good tunes with well-sung, mid-ranged vocals and some nice falsettos to boot. The singer's voice reminds me of a less-talented Rob Halford mixed with some Udo (of Accept). As for the rest of the band, they really don't establish themselves as powerfully original individuals or strikingly unique in many ways, so my best offer is to expect the ordinary and you will not be disappointed.

Musically it's your standard fare for the genre. It's based off of the NWOBHM sound, that hard-rocking thrashy feel with a drenching of sleaze and an overall to-the-limit melodic epicness which shines through even in the shortest of these songs. Traditional metal is probably never been so fitting a title, for truly nothing else is needed to be said. So in summary, what you'll get here is exactly what you'll want if you're into NWOBHM and heavy metal in general. It's just that what's here is good, even great great by some accounts, but lacking that certain "it" quality. It's almost nondescript. It's heavy metal with out a doubt, but lacks in various ways those further defining features which play a major role, and it's really short, so that kinda hurts it a bit, too. But am I by no means saying this music isn't good, just not one to write home about, if you get my drift.

Overall, if you live for the NWOBHM sound, then I couldn't imagine why you wouldn't enjoy this, but just remember that your collection may necessitate many albums before this one, and this one's got my bite of approval.