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Crude NWOBHM - 49%

Kicker_of_Elves, January 7th, 2008

When the guitars came in on this vintage little single, I was surprised by the thought that this might be a uniquely heavy and rocking vintage NWOBHM release. Then the vocals came in and I wasn't so excited anymore... not that they totally suck, but they just drove home the point that this is in actuality a fairly average or sub-par release. The vocalist does not have much of a range, and the lyrics are really dumb rock'n'roll type fare. This is made tolerable by the fact that the guitarwork and riffs, while nothing great, stick to a bluesy-rock'n'roll-Motorhead-esque kind of vibe. I mean at least it fits, some of these old NWOBHM bands have a really lame New Wave/Pop kind of sound to them (see: Radar), which just kinda sucks. The coolest thing about this release, and the thing that excited me for the first few seconds, is the gritty and distorted guitar tone. Raw. Yeah, it sounds pretty cool..