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Maximum Shred - 85%

Human666, September 21st, 2011

After making a solid entrance with 'Edge of Insanity', MacAlpine returns with a second
shredfest, proving that he is here to stay. First thing I noticed about 'Maximum Security' is
that while it isn't extremely different from it's predecessor, it is catchier.

'Tears of Sahara' sounds like something that Steve Vai could easily release. It has some
clean guitars and synths at the background, providing a soft calming atmosphere for the
melodic and mellow leading guitars. 'Key To The City' also has a very good hard rock
riffs and fluid theme. There is quite more emphasis on melody rather than shredding skills
with both tracks, although the latter track still got some fast alternate picking licks.

What I also really liked about this album is the great sense of the 80's. Of course any
shredding album is automatically associated with the 80's, but most of the back synth
parts just gives that fantasy vibe that seems to work so well with the lead guitars and
gives this album a unique touch.

The 8th track is a solo piano piece composed by Chopin. MacAlpine proves again his
highly technical skill with keyboards in this accurate performance, playing in a smooth
way some highly complex composition that I'm sure some of you will learn to appreciate
after several listening.

Anyway, don't hesitate getting this album. MacAlpine presents here quite overwhelming
control both on guitar and keyboards plus an improved compositional skills. There are
some catchy tunes here alongside more technical pieces that any serious musician or the
occasional guitar player will fond.