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MacAlpine Goes Commercial - 65%

Human666, September 22nd, 2011

After a couple of quite decent instrumental albums, MacAlpine decides to release
a band oriented album with 'Alan Sehorn' on vocals (plus most of the lyrics writing) and
a few more members for the drums/bass/keyboards section (altough MacAlpine still
recorded some of the keys). There isn't a sole instrumental track here and although
MacAlpine composed 99 percent of this album, this albums simply sounds like a
group effort rather than a solo effort.

'Alan Sehorn' seems to be quite unknown guy, but his vocals are sure pretty damn good.
He has kind of a baritone type of voice but he can hit the high notes quite easily and clean.
Production wise this album is a step forward than the former albums. The guitars sounds
sharp and heavy, the keyboards are mostly at the background and the bass guitar is quite
noticeable at times and fit together with the drums quite well.

As for the music itself, while it keeps a solid level for most of the time, it's kinda weaker
compared to the former albums. This is a radio friendly album with uncomplex tunes
that could be easily inserted in one of those 80's movies. The structure of these songs is
mostly verse/chorus/verse/chorus type of thing with some occasional guitar solos,
a common type of AOR. The catchiest tracks here are probably the opener 'The World
We Live In' , 'Escape The Hell' and 'Wild Ride', tough most of the tracks are quite
interchangeable and similar in structure.

Anyway, I don't find this album as inspirational as the first couple of albums.
It is a good album to listen to while you driving your car or sitting in a local
pub with some friends, but there isn't too much to explore in it, it's a nice background
listening. This album failed to chart, which is what I guess was the reason for it's
creation, though I can easily imagine some songs here hit the high ranks in MTV
rock/pop charts.

If you are looking for some easy listenable rock album you might be pleased.
I would rather stick to MacAlpine's instrumental albums which are way more complex
and deep than this friendly collection of hard rock.