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Superb Instrumental Prog - 89%

Human666, October 11th, 2011

'Evolution' is probably one of MacAlpine's best studio efforts, if not the best in itself. This seventh solo album contain some overwhelming tunes which highlight MacAlpine's outstanding guitar technique and sophisticated composition skills. Alongside him, we got Mike Terrana and Tony Franklin on drums and bass, which appears to be a solid rhythm section that carries the fretboard attacks very well. While he doesn't still the show, Franklin's bass guitar is occasionally get louder in the mix with some vivacious riffs that give this album a pretty groovy edge.

'The Sage' open this album with a furious neoclassical synth attack which remind us again that MacAlpine doesn't shred solely his guitar but know how to manipulate the synth board as well. This epic opener track remind me quite a bit Symphony X albums that will come out later with it's utterly progressive approach and strong classical feeling. 'Futurism' has a lively 80's vibe due to it's great share of marvelous synth sounds and remind me his well known 'Maximum Security' album from 87 quite a bit. ' Etude 5 Opus 10' is yet another Chopin's piano cover, which sound brilliant and calming and is a great interlude to relax from all the shred loaded tracks of this album. 'Powerfield' that come later, is probably the catchiest track here. There are tons of amazingly melodic themes combined with jaw dropping technique that will force your jaw to drop and your hands to commit the dumb air guitar movement! The bass is also quite noticeable here and doesn't get lost in the mix, as often happen in shred albums.

This album is more or less Tony MacAlpine's highest peak. In this album he rose a few steps up the shred ladder and without any doubt defined himself as one of the prominent shredders nowadays. In the end, each track here is of high quality and enjoyable. Get this album and you won't regret.