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Decent NWOBHM... - 78%

Snxke, July 6th, 2004

Tokyo Blade are a bit of a mystery to most people. They never had a huge hit or a platinum record but they also were better than most of the NWOBHM bands around them and despite having a cheese-tastic vocalist managed to release some good records. This CD, counts as one of the good ones! The production is flawless, the musicians wrote some decent songs and the playing it top notch. Sadly, the vocalist still brings them down a little bit which is unfortunate...but he isn't the worst thing to happen to a band either. He just keeps them from delivering the hooks at the level they should have been delivered. Had they a Halford styled singer...this band could have made this record REALLY good.

The songwriting on this collection is quite good. Imagine a combination of NWOBHM filtered through "Somewhere in Time" Iron Maiden. It's not AS good as that sounds, but entertaining despite. Cheesy lyrics/vocals do drag the whole affair down a little bit but who cares, the fun is here and unlike a band like the horribly silly Keel you don't feel half as guilty for enjoying it. The production benefits the complex riffs, and as previously mentioned, only the "typical" singing works as a real detriment to the whole affair.

Tokyo Blade weren't destined for bigger things career-wise, but they managed to make a small mark with those who mattered and enjoyed the NWOBHM scene. They put in more consitent quality then bands like Tygers of Pan-Whatever and created some decent records along the way.

If you love NWOBHM I suggest you pick this up, it's a good cross-section of strong material that marked an era that while lost, still has a sense of fun even though it may be a guilty pleasure now.