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Sounds Like Persian Risk for a Reason... - 71%

DeathRiderDoom, December 15th, 2009

Tok-io Rose – Single

Another NWOBHM band with only a single to their name – no full-length. In this case Tok-io Rose are pretty typical of the movement; obscure, with next to no output, and they pretty much have that definitive NWOBHM sound too. With these two tracks, we get something like a mish-mash of Tytan, Chariot and Tokyo Blade. And anyway, what was with the sudden burst of orientally themed NWOBHM acts around this time? Bands like Shogun, Tokyo Blade, Genghis Khan, Samurai and others all jumped on this theme – remembering the popularity of ‘Rising Sun’ style designs on sleeveless tees donned by the likes of Maiden this must have been pretty en vogue in early 80’s Britain. But I digress, this is a decent single with pretty much that classic NWOBHM sound – it’s not overly amazing, not crap either, and I guess it’s an advisable buy if you’re into this sorta thing.

The b-side brings the Shogun/Tytan sorta comparison perhaps even more to floor. It’s a slow pounder, with soulful vocals of Carl Sentance at the forefront. I note from the bands page that he spent time at the helm of the awesome Persian Risk, as well as legendary Swiss rockers Krokus and oft’ overlooked NWOBHM greats Tredegar (all of whom I’ve reviewed here on MA before). Anyway, he’s good, and for some reason – I think it’s the better chorus – I prefer this slower cut to the a-side. The aforementioned ‘Bad Girls’ is more of a raucous number; energetic, with the wailing vocals of Sentence again strong, but this time with crunchier riffs, pounding drums, and a strong vocal harmony in the chorus. There’s a rip-roaring solo to be found in this cut, and all round it’s a fairly good number, I just like the b-side a little better. This is classic sounding NWOBHM, so if you’re after the straight-up, classic sound, then this little single should suit your tastes well. Similar to the aforementioned, as well as Persian Risk, and possibly Gaskin. Enjoyable but pity there’s no full-length to go along with it – but that’s pretty much the name of the game.