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Conditional Masturbation - 89%

PazuzuZlave, September 9th, 2005

Looky here, I’ve found a grindcore band who finally values guitar riffs as much as drum patterns blasting your ears out. I’m so sick of otherwise great bands, but who have the drums way too high in the mix, and the guitars “just somewhere”.

This is where this one differs from the rest. “For those about to rot” delivers an unexpected hyperfast vibe which ultimately proves itself in this world of metal music. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, it’s a refreshing listening experience just long enough for it to be about perfect. These guys certainly know what they’re doing. And it’s miles away from what they usually do in their other bands.

If this EP was supposed to sound very violent and fast, it serves its purpose well. There are only slow parts in about two songs, and in one of the ten songs they slow it down a little. The lyrics evolve around gore mostly & although the official lyrics haven’t been published, you can constantly make out what Herr Arschstein is screaming about. The vocals are good, a bit laid back with one growl- and one shriek-track. I seriously must see this band live to pass the definite judgement on the vocals, but I can only imagine… The guitar riffs are smashing, and (as I said before) you can actually hear every single riff here. That’s because the drums and guitars are about equally high mixed. The drumming is great too, from the slow parts to the ultrafast.

I really can’t go on enough about how great this is. T.S.T.F.F.T.B. have certainly opened my eyes more wide and made me look for more of this great style of music.
Stand-outs include “Infected Rectum”, “Rotten Vagina”, “Flesh that Lies Beneath” & “Spermjerker”. The last mentioned is the slower-paced track, and is a perfect end to this EP. Good luck trying to top this one, finns!