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Please make it stop.... - 6%

My Rotten Soul, November 8th, 2019

Another one of these, really? Seriously? How many exact cookie-cutter bands like this need to exist? Not only is this style of music completely monotonous, uninteresting and boring in nearly every single way, but this band in particular had me laughing my ass off with how horribly generic they are, so I was forced to review it for that reason alone. Hooh boy, okay, this group comes from the UK but it really does not matter all that much where they come form 'cause this is a exact carbon copy of every other band that gets uploaded to Slam Worldwide regardless of region. This is the kinda horse shit that gets made when a couple of scene/emo kids, whom never heard of "slam" music in their life until they stumbled across a Vulvodynia song on YouTube in the last 3 years, decide to form a band based on that discovery; unfortunately MANY bands with that exact description currently exist.

This is the kind of stuff where the band sounds like they're playing music ripped directly from Acrania or Within Destruciton, label themselves under the excruciatingly cringe "slamming deathcore" label and then share boatloads of memes to their FB page focusing on what's "real" or "fake slam" critique. Let me just go slightly off topic here and say that no true slam death metal band will ever cater to such a stupid meme format, only obnoxious idiotic scene kids who form bands like this and name themselves stupid stuff like "To Obey a Tyrant" only find that type of trite funny because they're the ones who get their jimmies rustled when a veteran of the genre has to sort them out and explain that their -core garbage isn't actually "slam" so they retaliate against people who actually know what they’re talking about with “fake slam” jokes and memes thinking they're the ones who are winning doing so, when in all actuality they're just showing how insecure they are about being told they’re wrong. Why is this important? It’s cuz it perfectly sums up this band, and bands like them, entirely.

Now that that's out of the way, I need to say that this EP is some of the most boring and downright generic/awful music I've discovered to come pop up on YouTube and somehow score past 10,000 plays. How is managed to garner such is beyond me, I truly don't know how. First off, I never really understood why FL Studio/ProTool abuse is so common with these shitty core bands these days, it makes their already bad music even worse. All humanistic input, and potential heaviness, gets stripped away and lost the second they try to perpetuate a overdone clean sound, when instead it sounds like a computer played all of this, not any actual person. The drums are the worst offender here because I can actually tell by listening to this EP that there would potentially be some drum performance to be enjoyed here, but because it's a drum machine that's completely ruined. In death metal or deathcore, real drums reign supreme and I'll never have the same respect that I would for a band that uses a actual drummer because the raw human-like performance takes its hold and doesn't feel pre-mapped out in a DAW like this is.

The EP opens up with some generic sp00ky intro that you've heard a thousand times before by a thousand different bands, then it kicks into some faux-slam riffs. You can instantly tell how bad this band wants to sound like bullshit such as Signs of the Swarm or Vulvodynia, but ironically they sound even worse. You must be thinking "How can you sound worse than Vulvodynia???", but that's the amazing thing; they somehow managed to be so. The vocalist kind of seals that deal on horrenditiy because as I said before, this band is generic bullshit that sounds exactly-the-fucking-same as all those bands but they managed to find a guy who can barely growl, has overly-airy weak screams and also can't guttural. I'm not exaggerating when I speak of how bad this vocalist is, I don't like bands like Signs of the Swarm or Ingested, but those bands AT LEAST have good vocalists, this on the other hand sounds like a 15 year old straining his voice attempting to do a vocal cover of his favorite Suicide Silence song. Lots of layering and studio effects are placed on his voice to try to patch the poor performance, but that barely helps. The worst layering abuse comes at the points where they attempt to produce the sound of a guttural despite it's so painfully obvious that the vocalist is incapable of doing one. Don't believe me? Listen to the end of "Sacrificial Slaughter" and try not to cringe.

The slam riffs are plentiful and they sound to come more from beatdown hardcore influence rather than slam bands like Vulvectomy, Carnal Disfigurement or Cephalotripsy. Not surprising when considering that these kids probably never in their life heard of those 3 bands and instead just ripped the slams out of a beatdown band I'm certain. To be fair, the slams are almost the only enjoyable portion of this EP. Some of them were actually executed decently, but even then the overproduced mixing and production kind of set them back. I just cannot stress this enough that newer heavy bands NEED to stop using production like this, because every single last element will be worlds better with more raw and natural outcome.

I could go on about why this sucks, but I'd just be repeating myself over and over. I think the worst part of it all is how irritating this release is in the end. It's really irritating, it's obnoxious and it's annoying. The reason why is just as I explained above and that reason is because what it reminds me of and what it stands for. For those unsure what I mean I will say it again: this shit just reeks of dumbasses on social media bitching about "real slam" or "fake slam" and calling anyone who corrects them on what slam really is the "slam police xD" because they couldn't handle being told off by guys who knows the genre really well, so they feel the need to liberate for a genre they only "heard" of for about a week against guys who have been involved in it for several years. This horse shit is the embodiment of a couple of children who are more interested in selling t-shirts than making music and consequently have more merch than they do songs. This shit is the pure epitome of a Instagram thot calling herself "slam queen", but never listened to Cephalotripsy in her life. And lastly, this is the kinda bullshit that is created by and for emo kids who masturbate over boring poser bands like Vulvodynia who make snorefest deathcore, steal Kraanium's artwork and then have the nerve to label it "slamming brutal death metal".

Fuck this shit, fuck that scene, fuck this EP and most of all FUCK using “slam” as a trendy marketing label for horrid talentless deathcore bands like this that know actually NOTHING about slam. I cannot WAIT till this trendy crap inevitably dies forever.