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To-Mera > Demo 2005 > Reviews
To-Mera - Demo 2005

Damn good demo, Damn good band. - 95%

Mulletbond, January 29th, 2006

Wow, what a pleasent suprise. I happened to be fooling around on Myspace (yes, Myspace) when I get a friend invite from none other than To-Mera. At first I thought it was some kid named Tommera with spelling problems, how happy I was to find that it was a progressive metal band. After downloading and listening to the demo I was heavily impressed by the 2 songs that the demo contains.

1. Dreadful Angel - It's the better of the two, Julie's voice is great here, the guitars are technical, and the drumming is great. The interlude in the middle gives you breathing room, right before the song starts right back up and starts bashing your skull again, then ends with a very thrash-esque ending. Great song.

2. Born of Ashes - Acoustic intro with Julie's beautiful singing, then it changes a bit into a symphonic type arangement, then into a thrashy riff with lots of backing keys. After thrashing for a while, it slows down into an interlude that reminds me alot of something Opeth would do. Very good song, but not as good Dreadful Angel

This is a very strong demo, from a band that promises much. I'll certainly be buying the full-length when it arrives, and I hope it's as good as this.
Highly reccomended to fans of Opeth, Pain Of Salvation, or thrash fans in general.

Outstanding demo - 97%

Thonolan, January 8th, 2006

I have to admit that this demo was the biggest and most positive surprise that metal scene gave me in 2005. I discovered To-Mera through the Hungarian gothic/progressive band Without Face, of which Julie was the singer. I had fallen in love with their album "Astronomicon", which shows a perfect mixture between gothic and progressive metal, containing wonderful atmospheres and melodies as well.

I thought To-Mera would be pretty similar to Without Face, but I was wrong. Yeah, it's also progressive and sometimes atmospheric, but the compositions of To-Mera seem to be strongly influenced by technical death/jazz bands like Atheist or Cynic. I had never heard such a band, this mixture of charming female vocals with that kind of music rules! The musicianship on this demo is fantastic, and it's also worth mentioning the sound. It sounds so great that it's really hard to believe this is just the first demo of a very young band. Many famous bands would love to have productions like this one...

"Dreadful Angel" is the best track here. Powerful riffs, intrincate rhythms, atmospheric keyboards, wonderful vocal melodies, a jazzy interlude and even a death-ish ending mixed together in a song that will be loved by any technical metal fan. "Born of Ashes", the second track, is slightly less brilliant but still awesome. It starts with acoustic guitars and Julie's softer vocals, but soon it turns into a fast and dynamic song, once again full of superb technical skills and dark, mesmerizing melodies.

Hopefully To-Mera will find a good record label in order to release their debut album soon. I'm personally looking forward for it!