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Titanium Black A Near Classic Record - 93%

sixxswine, August 6th, 2004

Titanium Black is one of the select few bands that upon, fits listen, you know you’re in for something special. From the opening of "Cracks of Light," you’re hooked, the band’s singer Terry Michael LeRoi, sounds like a cross between David Drainman, Randy Odin & Shok Paris singer Vic Hix. Needless to say, the vocals are powerful & display extraordinary range, the musicianship is top notch & classy. The songs are very memorable & catchy, old school, yet contemporary, either Terry Michael LeRoi has endured some hard lessons in life or he is the most the most brilliant lyricists of all time. Michael Wangener produced this record, known for his previous work with Accept, Dokken, Great White & countless other bands, he mixed this record in 5.1 surround sound, which by the way, will enhance your listening pleasure. Even with this sonic addition to the recording, this record stands by it’s self as one of the best records of the year 2004. If there is a metal god in the heavens this band will be a household name by the end of this year. Watch out for their release of the DVD audio of Bleed for You, with a bonus cut, later in the year.