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Titanic > Then There Was Rock > Reviews > SlaySlaysButAlsoReviews
Titanic - Then There Was Rock

Then there was another band that never made it - 58%

SlaySlaysButAlsoReviews, February 6th, 2012

Very little information is given about these guys. All we know is that they’re from New Haven, they were on a label called White Lightning who nobody knows anything about, their song “The Awakening” was featured on the Metal Massacre VIII compilation and they only released one album, “Then There Was Rock”.

I learned about these guys from the Metal Massacre compilation a couple of years ago and just now recently gave their album a try. I want to say that I’m impressed because I really like a couple of the songs but this album could have been a lot better.

The biggest problem is probably the production. I can normally tolerate low production, I even prefer it sometimes, but this album basically sounds like a Scorpions demo. Titanic’s sound just suits a more polished and not-so-raw production as on this album.

The style is generally heavy/power metal, in league with fellow US comrades Trauma and Virgin Steele and tends to bring out this typical hard rock vibe from time to time, similar to Scorpions, as mentioned before.

The songs range from mediocre to great. I seem to enjoy their hard rock approach more because those songs actually go somewhere and though nothing spectacular, these guys can actually write solid ballads. You’ll often find that most underground metal bands couldn’t write a good ballad to save their own lives but these ballads deliver with a great atmosphere, packed with emotions and professional songwriting as featured on their song “New Day”.

The vocals are definitely a highlight here. I wouldn’t call them unique, but there’s something very special about them. They’re high pitched when they’re good and sound uncomfortable when they’re not, as if the vocalist just wanted to keep them high all the time. He’s very similar to Katon of Hirax.

The instrumental work gets dragged down in the production. This is one of the few albums where the bass is actually louder than the guitar. The guitar is somewhat clear though but the drums sounds like he’s tapping on a table and they’re out of time, dragging the sound down even more.

There is nothing really unique, original, mind-blowing metal going on in here. Most of the songs follow a pattern of uninspired and mediocre verses with the occasional cool power metal bridge and surprisingly good choruses and the rest of the songs are a fun bunch of great, well-structured heavy metal /hard rock songs.

I really feel like with the right production this band and album could have gone further, but they’re one out of a million and probably didn’t really have that much to prove after all.

This album is nothing worth digging for but if you find yourself facing this album on Youtube or somewhere where you don’t actually have to pay for it, then don’t hesitate to check out some of the songs. “The Otherside”, “Then There Was Rock” and “New Day” specifically.