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Timeghoul > 1992-1994 Discography > Reviews > Hames_Jetfield
Timeghoul - 1992-1994 Discography

Starspawn - 100%

Hames_Jetfield, November 22nd, 2022

There are countless cases where a band barely starts to take off and releases their very promising, debut album, and literally a few months/years later split-up, leaving behind a huge disappointment of premature departure. With Timeghoul, things are even worse, because these Americans turned out to be one of the most phenomenal and unique death metal bands in the world, and they managed to release...only two demos! In addition, the world found out about their awesomeness yeeears later, when Dark Descent Records released the compilation "1992-1994 Discography" in 2012. By this release it was fully possible to trace the very short history of this band in the most detail and to hear the greatness of these recordings.

On "Tumultuous Travelings" and "Panaramic Twilight" music makes it clear that the world during the years of Timeghoul's activity was totally not ready for such advanced and inventive death metal. The band led by Jeff Hayden presented a much more extravagant and unpredictable sound than - basically - similarly combining bands like Cynic, Atheist or Nocturnus, and at the same time it was much more brutal (bringing associations with grinding like Suffocation) and even more interestingly saturated sci-fi theme. Well, while "Tumultuous..." can strike with a poor production and slowly dosed progression, "Panaramic..." is flawless material, deserving of 11/10 rating. Of course, this does not mean that both materials are not worth attention. Absolutely not! Already on the demo from 1992, these guys very efficiently intertwined between brutality and weirder inserts (especially where they were tempted by clean vocals). The point is that it was two years later - in the new line-up - that they made a huge progress to fully shock with their vision of cosmic death metal, where brutality and technique are on the same unprecedented level. "Boiling In The Hourglass" and "Occurance On Mimas" are real gems, full of blasting, technical squiggles, growls straight from the cave, dreamy solos, very varied vocals (even in the style of...a cappella!), sudden transitions, doom metal heaviness, unreal climate or spoken inserts (reminiscent of broadcasts straight from Star Trek). These are such brilliant compositions that it doesn't bother them that they last nearly ten minutes - that's why they are perfectly enclosed in one coherent story.

With such promising demos, there was only one important element missing, which is present in most reviews devoted to Timeghoul: the full-length album. Unfortunately, shortly after the release of "Panaramic Twilight", Jeff Hayden and the rest of the band doubted playing death metal and disbanded. It's a huge loss, because their music eluded any comparisons, and at the same time had a chance to bring freshness to the then somewhat fossilized genre. That didn't happen, but it clearly influenced much younger bands like Blood Incantation and Tomb Mold, which - luckily - achieved much greater success.

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