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Lush And Beautiful - 95%

Skarnek, September 25th, 2012

Let's not deviate from the truth here. This album is stellar. It's exotic textures over ultra-melodic prog/power metal send all who are willing to take it in soaring upon falcon wings over vast landscapes of emotion, that is, if you are not the type to dismiss diversity as overly confident wankery.

Confidence is certainly an affirmation distinctly represented here. The bright, positive sentiment that Tierramystica serve up on nearly every track is expertly emanated from the very hearts and souls of the charismatic performers; namely the Russel Allen/ Roy Khan -hybrid of a vocalist (who also has a deeper, more operatic uniqueness of his own), as well as the pan-flute (!) player. Shades of new-age spirituality and peaceful inspirational music are brushed delicately over an otherwise abrasive progressive metal foundation. It truly is an uplifting experience.

"Winds of Hope" and "Away From the Dream" offer comforting TLC to the new fan's heart, while blistering (yet still beautifully written) power metal tracks like "Celebration to the Sun" keep the energy levels high.

Equally inspired is the fitting and well-done artwork, displaying lush, natural beauty one would imagine had they not been shown. If you're feeling down, have an appreciation for forward-thinking, and a good ear for talent; this release would be a fine choice to cure your ills. You have my personal guarantee on that.

As for the metallic qualities, there's nowhere in the band's arsenal that's missing power. Dextrous drumming- tasteful yet intense- grapple tightly with the highly skilled stringed instrumentalists. This competence in the traditional metal instrumentation just serve to strengthen and enhance the previously mentioned wind and vocal performances. Needless to say that yours truly is impressed. This is already one of my favorites of recent times. Perhaps you will feel the same. Happy listening, friends.