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The Softened Matter - 40%

Tlacaxipehualiztli, July 6th, 2012

"Mejor Morir En Pie" is the last album of the Spaniards before the split-up in 2008. And to be honest, it is their weakest effort. The problem is that I demanded another great album in the vein of “Indomable” and “Apocalipsis”, however I understood that releasing such a great heavy metal offer could be extremely difficult task. Damn, difficult, but not impossible, am I right?

Unfortunately the word “weakest” refers to the compositions, but production isn’t the same as compared to the previous Tierra Santa materials. For sure it is lighter and softer stuff yet there is a lack of… heavy metal power. The songs are expressionless and simply weak, everything is drowned in a sea of mediocrity. The Spaniards lost its metal claws, the band looks like a crippled beast without teeth. Maybe first title song is a small ray of the better future to come, but the rest effectively crushes all hope. Each song has very similar schema: the stanza based on quite well-thought-out melody lines (but forget about masterly level from “Indomable” and “Apocalipsis”) whereas choruses bring to ruin overall feeling, no energy, no power, poor and second-rate guitar playing. During listening to all the tunes coming from this album I thought about the end of creative ideas of the band. And this is the main drawback. Maybe the band should take more rest after releasing last album?

What is more, there are no fast songs like “Indomable”, “Kamikaze” or “Esta Tierra Es Mía”. That’s right, maybe the song called “La Tentación” has some ‘alive’ atmosphere, but chorus has a standard base for this album. In addition the best part of the tracks has too many keyboards lines which soften too much the metal sound, song “Una Luz En Luz Oscuridad” reminds me of Europe, however it is not a good point for it. Moreover there is a strange thing with Angel vocals. It was always very strong part, but here it is just a reflection of music and production, simply he fitted to this all-embracing mediocrity.

I tried to find any positive points in this album, and I failed. Even if there is a guitar on the front cover, I am afraid to say that “Mejor Morir En Pie” is a good guitar metal record. I wrote above about the first track as some promising stuff, but its musical level refers to “Sangre De Reyes” times. In turn I can’t understand why the band put “Himno A La Alegría” at the end? This composition of Ludwig Van Beethoven completely ruins the atmosphere of the album. It is a result of this horrible of ‘no-metal power’ sound, weak drums and unconvincing keyboards. In the clash with this great composer, Tierra Santa is like a child in the fog unfortunately. The lack of any power causes that even first Tierra Santa album devours these eleven average songs. So the question is: what happened with the band? Did the good ideas become exhausted? I guess so. The band (or the label) managed to release three discs compilation and split up one year later. From my point of view, the reason is obvious: “Mejor Morir En Pie”. The lethargy lasts only two years and with new energy the Spaniards proposed a new attack called “Caminos De Fuego”, but this is completely different story…