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An official spanish manual of metal - 70%

Observer, October 23rd, 2006

Tierra Santa’s first album proves that this band had a lot of potential but it still needed to be fully developed in previous releases. Here we have the main base sound of Tierra Santa, which mainly consists in heavy metal in the vein of Iron Maiden, moreover, this band is often defined as the Spanish Iron Maiden thanks to their riffing and the voice of the singer. I don’t think this work can support such a complicated and useless burden.

Medieval is the standard manual of heavy metal despite it’s sung in spanish. It has every single and common topic, solo and riff done by other and older bands in english or other languages so the originality fact here goes down below zero. And that's bad news for the seeker of fresh and creative material.

It’s not horrible, indeed it’s well produced (you feel the effort put in some of the songs), the instruments sound (hopefully) heavy and metal even though some of the songs are flavored with other types of instruments closer to a not-so-decent “symphonic” mood that doesn’t add much value to them. The choruses are catchy but, sadly, nothing out of the ordinary. The songs last what they need to last and no more, no fillers around. Everything matches like a puzzle.

Each song has something interesting (probably “Tierra Santa” is the best here with its damn catchy-sing-along chorus…) but the whole pack can’t resist the obvious comparisons with Maiden or Rainbow. And that leads me to the main flaw of the album: its lack of originality in terms of songwriting and topics chosen. Lyrics sound quite well in Spanish, they are perfectly written and have a quote of poetry on them but they are repetitive. Let’s make a quick list: the band’s name is translated as “Holy Land”, there is a song dedicated to Ireland, one for the vikings, one for legends and dragons (if you hate fantasy oriented lyrics then it’s time to skip the review and find something else), a realm of dreams… Get the idea?

If you never heard anything from Tierra Santa this is a good and promising debut that announces what they were going to come up in later releases, it's just not their best. If you have a broad and huge musical background you won’t find anything new here besides the fact that they sing in Spanish and they actually succeed in combining the language with metal! That is one of the high points of this band and maybe a reason to go and learn some Spanish.

Take a look at “Medieval” but don’t expect a musical revolution.