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Hauntingly Beautiful for the moment. - 87%

PseudoGoatKill, August 29th, 2004

I was able to get my hands on a copy of this single by Tiamat. Just to clear things up I got the two song CD with "Brighter Than the Sun" and "Children of the Underworld."

Both of the songs on this album are beautiful, and are proof that metal need not be harsh and necro in order to be good.

"Brighter Than the Sun" happens to be the best song on this CD simply for the fact that it doesn't stray from the center of it's origin of music. The use of the guitar and bass on this song are smooth and melodic. The guitarist makes good use of some bluish style riffs. The drumming is also very good. It enhances the music without getting into a screaming match with the rest of the instruments. What really sells this song though are the vocals. For once in a metal release it is discovered that it is in fact possible to create a good song without the use of Cookie Monster vocals or the use of high pitched distorted necro gutteral screeches. The female vocals in this song also increase the beauty of it.

"Children of the Underworld" is also a good song, and almost as good as "Brighter Than the Sun". Unfortunately the song loses points towards the late middle of the song. At this point a birage of cheesy synth riffs is heard. Whenever this comes on I can't help but cringe. Then I usually ask myself why the band had to ruin a good song with this shitty synth line. It wouldn't have been so bad if the song was a black metal song, but in an other smooth, beautiful song it had no place.

This single would have gotten a 100% if it weren't for that one part in "Children of the Underworld."