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Tiamat > A Winter Shadow > Reviews > Onirium
Tiamat - A Winter Shadow

Tiamat at their best - 100%

Onirium, June 8th, 2004

'A Winter Shadow' was released as a prelude of Tiamat's second album 'The Astral Sleep'. It also formed part of the cult compilation 'In The Eyes Of The Dead', which featured promos and singles from bands such as Grave, Unleashed, Morgoth... It was a pretty good time for Death Metal...
The sound of 'A Winter Shadow' supposed a step ahead for Tiamat. The time of Treblinka was now forgotten and the extreme satanic attitude buried in the ground. New influences taken from bands like Candlemass and early Black Sabbath were added to their music, and at the same time their compositions became more complex and a little bit more melodic, including some acoustic arrangements with a cool oriental approach. They also added some keyboards yet their music was not as atmospheric as in their following albums. This was still Death Metal, yet played in a very original and personal way.
The two songs here featured are probably among the best Tiamat have ever recorded. They were recorded again in the 'Astral Sleep' album, but with a much better sound, loosing the feeling that only underground releases like this one have.
Check this rare single if you want to know more about this band, as it shows their first steps in search of a completely own sound.