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cweed, May 30th, 2005

Thyrfing are one of the elite when it comes to atmospheric viking metal, and they prove it on "Valdr Galga." Catchy melodies, decent production (I'm going to have to disagree with the reviewer before me and say that the album should have had a more polished sound), and an overall truly enjoyable atmosphere. Thyrfing are masters of combining the harsh guitars and vocals with beautiful, flowing synth, and although that is exactly what alot of people don't like this band, I still say for those who dig that style of metal should definately get this album somehow if they don't have it already.
The only thing I am somewhat "on the fence" about is the band's overall sound and production...the music is very enjoyable, yes, but I could not decide if I liked the buzzing, thin guitar sound or the fairly boring drum parts and sound. In theory, a band like Thyrfing should have a fuller, more epic sound besides the bombastic keyboards (which, what I thought was kind of interesting, was that in many instances on the album they did not lead the melody, but simply accented it, which is somewhat uncommon in "Thyrfing-type" bands). However, the only reason this is not truly a criticism of the album is because when you step back and just listen to the album, it really doesn't sound bad at all and doesn't realy take away from the album...that's why instead of this being really a criticism it's more of a speculation; what would the album have sounded like with a more rounded out sound? Would it work?
All in all, it doesn't really matter, this album is pretty damn good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes atmospheric metal, or anything to do with Vikings (like me).