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Lords of Metal - 97%

thammaren, December 24th, 2008

Thy Serpent, for their sophomore effort, has taken old demos from "Frozen Memory" and "Into Everlasting Fire", and re-recorded them, replacing fuzzy guitars with crystal clear, cold riffing, and muffled synthesized beats with pounding extreme metal drumming. Between songs are chilling instrumentals and beautiful, yet haunting "ode(s) to the witches". See "Ode To The Witches Part III" to see what I mean by haunting.

The vocalist has changed; Azhemin performed the growl on "Forests of Witchery", with backup from bassist Luopio. However, original vocalist Sami Tenetz has taken over vocal duties for this album, as he was the one who sang on the demos. He is not as good of a vocalist, but Azhemin's voice would have sounded out of place, as he did not write these songs. The keyboards (Azhemin) dominate the album, as five whole tracks are almost completely keyboard work. The synthesizer and choir blend beautifully in "Ode To The Witches Part III", which finishes the album off well. This album-ending has nothing on "Forest of Witchery"'s "Wine From Tears", though. Some great re-recorded songs include "Forest Of Blakulla" and "Unknown". The former was just as good in the demo "Into Everlasting Fire", but the clear riffing fits in with the band's new, darker sound.

"Lords of Twilight" marked a turning point in Thy Serpent's career. After this album, Luopio (bass/vocals/keyboards) left the band, and the band's signature dark, keyboard-heavy sound was dropped, to make way for their brutal sound found in "Christcrusher". This album stands as a reminder of the best years of the band, and the whole genre, really. Thy Serpent, with this album, have truly earned greater respect than they ever will receive.