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Thy Serpent - Death

A black metal gem - 97%

thammaren, November 10th, 2008

Thy Serpent switched their sound from dark, gloomy, deep black metal (Forest Of Witchery) to a more heavy, straightforward style with the release of Christcrusher in 1998. This included openly anti-Christian lyrics, for the first time, though some of the dark feel and deep lyrics were still there. With "Death", Thy Serpent have dropped the "Let's go burn a church!" attitude seen in Christcrusher, and have instead added more melodic guitar riffs and a death metal feel. If the previous three CDs were symphonic black metal, this would be blackened death metal.

Death metal is not as atmospheric or interesting as black metal, but enough of Thy Serpent's intriguing lyrics are retained. This is especially notable in the track "Wounds Of Death", which has an absolutely staggering guitar melody that conveys the emotions of the band quite well. With the track "Parasites" there is some bashing of Christianity, which is most likely why Thy Serpent call themselves "anti-christians". The haunting keyboard melodies of Christcrusher are gone, and the guitar (they are at least three tracks) is a quite a suitable replacement, as well as the heavy bass lines. This is an improvement because before this album, the bass has been completely inaudible.

With four tracks, "Deathbearer", "Wounds Of Death", "Sleep In Oblivion", and "Parasites", Thy Serpent finish their metal careers. Nothing has been heard from the band since, but however, this album along with those that came before are enough to keep a metal fan happy for a decade.