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Thy Serpent - Death

Classy little EP - 85%

chaossphere, July 15th, 2003

If only this were a full-length! Of all the bands to emerge from Finland in the 90's, Thy Serpent is certainly among the most epic, interesting and overall METAL. They're also quite hard to classify, but I guess Dark Metal is a relatively suitable tag. They combine midpaced death metal riffing with deep growled vocals, flowing melodic ambience and a sense of melancholic granduer in the vein of older Sentenced with a doomy overtone and a very slight tinge of gothic morbidness.

"Deathbearer" is the shortest track here, and the weakest, but it's still great. It's relatively straightforward, slightly reminiscent of old school blackened metal in it's crushing weight and dark structure. "Wounds Of Death" is somewhat mellower, interspersing passages of clean guitar and crooned vocals with a classic melodic break for what passes as a chorus. The guitar sound here is razor sharp, and conveys plenty of emotion. Then "Sleep In Oblivion" is the fastest, most violent track on the disc, leaning more towards a semi-blasting death metal sound mixed with gloomy, subtle keyboards. "Parasites" provides even more sickening dark guitar lines, finishing this short 22 minutes of music off in fine fashion.

If you're into raw, brutal black metal or death metal, give this one a miss. However, if you enjoy classy, slightly depressing (yet sometimes uplifting) dark metal with hints of gothic granduer, then by all means indulge in Thy Serpent's feast of metallic excellence.