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Visceral DSBM - 95%

Rasc, August 26th, 2012

Depressive Suicidal Black Metal is a very interesting genre, it makes the opposing extreme metal styles raw black metal and funeral doom sound like they were meant to be. Thy Light had the touch of adding symphonic elements to this depressive formula, making the sadness passed by the music sound like some erudite corrosion, a slow and gradual decadence of a man who, despite his suffering, sees beauty in things.

One can't listen to this demo without being dragged to solitude by the music. As soon as it starts to play, you feel like falling deep into the pit this album seems to create under your feet.

The opening song, Suici.De.Pression, illustrates the fall of a man with a deep and depressive arrangement of keyboards that gets louder, more complex and with more lines as the song goes, making one feel thrilled. By the end, it starts getting simpler and closes with something like 15 seconds of silence.

The silence continues through the very beginning of the following song, In My Last Mourning, till keyboards enter calmly and it gradually evolves into the guitars, summed up by gloomy lyrics about a man in the momentum of suicide, till it breaks to A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies, to me the heaviest and most depressive song of the demo. It's nothing more than an ode to the insignificance, with heavily distorted guitars playing repetitive and cold riffs.

A Bitter Taste of Gall is another great song, with very well-arranged keyboards and a miserable atmosphere, creating such a bitterness that lives up to the title. It would've been perfect, were the drums more befitting to the song. This song would later be covered greatly by the German band Lebenswinter, showing off Thy Light's influence on underground black metal.

"...And I Finally Reach My End" is the deepest melody of this album, deep enough to pass its message of despair with no lyrics (just screams). It starts with the simplistic sound of running water, and ends with a golfing sound, simulating the end of life by hanging, along with the end of the album.

It's highly doubtful that anything else is released under the name Thy Light, so that the heritage of their depression is left behind through this magnificent tape.