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Very Good Start!! - 85%

Morhim, November 18th, 2007

People who think black metal is only something for Europe, are proven wrong if you ask me, and this band convinces my opinion. Thy Light brings a great fusion between symphonic and suicidal black metal. Here you can read my thoughts...

The album starts with a nice classical piano piece, witch gives an immediately dark, depressive atmosphere. This kind of style, goes on for the rest of the album. With nice, long, songs, this album makes it worth to be in my collection.

If we listen the demo a second time more carefully, we see that the guitars are really good tuned, and that it fits good to the vocals. The drums are kind of boring to listen to, and really easy to play. That is (as a drummer) is really disappointing me. For the further rest, there are always some thing that can be done better, just for example, the violins at the end of some numbers, don’t have to be so long. You can definitely hear that part was made by the computers, and if you make it then so long, it is really going to suck. If you should use real violins next time, I would be sure it’d sound better, but for this demo it’s OK.

My final conclusion is, that this demo is a really good start by Thy Light. As always it isn’t perfect, but they make a really good start. There are much thing that they have to improve for the next time, but for now, it’s a really good one, and I’m proud to have a copy of this Demo.